Sunday, April 30, 2006

I've Had Enough!

I don't want to ever hear anything about women's "inferior upper body strength" EVER again. NEVER!

(video takes a minute to upload)

I'm finished and Women should be allowed in Special Forced. WHAT HUH! Here's the deal...

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C., June 27, 2005 -- The House Armed Services Committee approved a bill recently which puts a Pentagon policy from 1994 into federal law prohibiting females in the military to serve in units below brigade level whose primary mission is direct ground combat.

Congress recently passed a law that took female soldiers off forward combat support convoys in Iraq and Afghanistan. 20,000 female soldiers were out of a job and reassigned while male soldiers had to pick up the slack in a time of war. 20,000 soldiers is a lot of man-power. The Pentagon, the Military and the rest of the country were against this law, but since majority in the house is ultra-conservative right, guess what, the law passed.

Basically, the American Public wants women in combat. The Pentagon wants women in combat. The United States Military wants women in combat. But a handful of crusty old religious bigots don’t…therefore, no women in combat. WTF?

Don’t you just hate when other people try to tell you how to do your job, especially when they don’t do your job themselves? That’s pretty much what the Military under the Department of Defense has in their job description.

Female Soldiers have been in the Army since 1943, as has been a ban on them serving in direct ground combat. Currently in Iraq and Afghanistan, where there are no “lines” to decipher rear from front, women are being exposed to more direct combat than ever before. They are taking enemy fire and fighting back, and their performance in battle has rendered the dogmatic “combat exclusion” rule obsolete. Military Police companies with women in their ranks are performing essentially the same tasks as the Infantry, and the women in these units are exceeding expectations. They’re returning fire, guarding gates, participating in raids, and even taking hostages.

For Female GI's, Combat is a Fact
It was mid-February and Guay, 26, an Army specialist who was the first woman to be assigned as an infantry combat medic, was spending 10 hours a day on missions with the 82nd Airborne Division, dodging rockets and grenades in the crowded streets of Mosul.

Woman Soldier Receives Silver Star for Valor in Iraq
WASHINGTON, June 16, 2005 -- For the first time since World War II, a woman soldier was awarded the Silver Star Medal today in Iraq. Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester of the 617th Military Police Company, a National Guard unit out of Richmond, Ky., received the Silver Star, along with two other members of her unit, Staff Sgt. Timothy Nein and Spc. Jason Mike, for their actions during an enemy ambush on their convoy. Other members of the unit also received awards.

In a time where an All-Volunteer force is struggling to meet quotas, the Army wants to lift the obsolete ban on women in combat so that it can start placing mixed-units in Iraq and Afghanistan, and polls show the American public is behind it.

Firstly, women are already in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the most dangerous place in the world for a soldier, but it is even more dangerous for these female soldiers not because they are females, but because the Army is attaching them to infantry units without letting them go through the infantry’s training school. They have skills they will need, but the lifesaving skills learned in training that is currently closed to women are essential to the tasks that they are performing, making it more dangerous for everyone. If the Army would allow women the opportunity to obtain this training, instead of closing the schools to them, it would make everything safer for everyone.

What they don’t want is lowered standards. Currently, the minimum physical fitness standard for women in the Armed Forces is slightly to drastically lower than those for men. If the Combat Arms Jobs including Infantry and Armor were to be open to women, standards should not be lowered given the number of women who can already max the male 17-24 physical fitness requirements (SEE VIDEO ABOVE!!!!!!! SEE IT SEE IT SEE IT!!!!). The Army has tried to implement one standard for combat MOS's before, but has been so bogged down by politicians getting on their case that they pretty much said "fuck it leave me alone," and refuse to even go there anymore. Get this though, the fight about double standards is a fight between TWO WOMEN! Politicians from DACOWITS and The Center for Military Readiness can't agree on what "equal opportunity" really means, so they've been butting heads for the last decade and its been keeping women out of combat. Gosh if someone could just get these two girls to kiss and makeup everything might work out!

As for the argument that the presence of women in the combat arms would jeopardize unit cohesion—this is absolutely ludicrous! Women are performing raids, executing police duties, flying fighter jets, piloting helicopters, manning turrets, driving supply trucks, gathering intelligence, racking in confirmed kills and defending our nation all side by side with their male counterparts so that there is no such thing as “Woman Marine” or “Female Soldier” anymore, it is just simply “Soldier” now. Studies have been conducted to see if mixed-units present a strain on unit cohesion. Studies found that it does not. Unless individuals within a given unit act irresponsibly does it sometimes play a factor in cohesion, but studies found that units in which irresponsibility among members occurred, so did poor leadership among officers and authority figures. Those units whose officers displayed good leadership had minimal to no interference with team cohesion. STOP BLAMING IT ON THE GIRLS!

Plus, its like opening up the men’s football team to girls, only a few would apply anyway, so even if women in units does somehow present a strain on cohesion, there’d only be a few of them so stop trippin! I went out for the men’s football team in high school and got a lot of press because of it. I thought because I did it, a lot of other girls would do it the next season and it would all be my fault…nope, not a single one went out.

“But why bother if there’s only a few of them? Why make a major policy change to only benefit a few?” Firstly, it wouldn’t just be opening the Infantry for the women who are willing to step up to the challenge, it would be allowing the 20,000 women soldiers on the forward support convoys they were taken off of to make the job of combat soldiers easier, it would be allowing the supply convoys that task women to drive into combat zones in support of operations, it would be getting the female soldiers who are already being assigned to infantry units the training they need to participate in those units, it would be making the military more efficient. In a time where strength in numbers is crucial and numbers are dwindling, man power is absolutely essential. This is not the time to be picky about the man-power we have and refusing help because of little details that have been shown again and again DON’T MATTER! I have soldier friends who back this up over and over again. When will things change?

God forbid we actually let women fight a war. That would topple The Towers, lose the war, and kill the free world! I’m tired of people saying “could we, should we, will we” I want them to start saying “we could, we should and WE WILL.” But Oh No the American Public is not ready to see women come home in body bags. Hurry up and get ready!!! They’re already coming home anyway, at least 40 women have been Killed in Action, and over 400 have been wounded. They are soldiers and making laws that limit their value as soldiers sends a mixed message to ALL troops. This is NO TIME to be sending mixed messages, especially in the middle of a war unlike any we’ve ever seen before where morale is low and there is no sign of the enemy letting up!

On a last note, I know the two words everyone is going to say: "Jessica Lynch." I have two more words: "Fuck Her!" Jessica Lynch failed the ASVAB 3 times and performed a minimum of 18 pushups to barely pass with the MOS of "Truck Passenger." Her publicity has outraged the female soldier community and does not in any way represent the thousands of capable females in the Armed Forces right now. Remember the famous phrase: "what is popular is not always right, what is right is not always popular."

What can you do? You can call your representatives, you can write letters, you can show your support. The question is not whether there could be female commando’s, but that there CAN be female commandos.

The day the Infantry opens up, I will be the first in line to enlist.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Not Even the Army is This Extreme!



TALLAHASSEE, Florida (AP) -- Florida lawmakers agreed Wednesday to shut down the state's juvenile boot camps after the death of a 14-year-old boy who had been kicked and punched by guards.

WHOA! I think I know this drill. Trouble children get sent to boot camp, come home better people and never break a law again. Works miracles, I’ve seen it. Some kids end up getting sent there off the streets, turn their acts around, join the army and become freaking Green Berets! But whoa whoa whoa I don’t think kids are supposed to be dieing in these boot camps!

(CBS/AP) Guards at a juvenile-detention boot camp kneed and struck a teenager who had apparently gone limp while being restrained the day before he died, a videotape released Friday showed... On the 1-hour, 20-minute tape, which has no sound, as many as nine guards can be seen restraining Anderson. Guards kneed him and wrestled him to the ground, where he was repeatedly struck by one guard.

And that’s not even all of it!

No charges will be filed in the case of a teenager who died at a behavioral treatment center after reportedly being restrained for disruptive behavior, authorities said…Joey Aletriz's death was the second at SummitQuest in less than two months. Another resident, James White, 17, died in December of what the Lancaster County coroner determined was natural causes.

I did some researching on the net and found scores of pages in which kids have died at boot camps from what were recorded as “natural causes.” I discovered that suffocation is “the leading cause of death among children in custodial settings.” Whoa okay the fact that they used the phrase “the leading cause,” how often does this happen?! Supposedly kids accidentally die while being restrained by guards in various holds. Okay, I’m a blue belt in jiujitsu, I know the police arts and they don’t restrain, they put someone out! I read that one boy had his inhaler witheld as punishmen and died. The things I'm reading from various news websites (independent and mainstream) are really disturbing.

On February 4, 1992, 5' 4" tall, fifteen-year-old Paul Choy was being taught a lesson he wouldn't forget. Choy was required to sit on a wooden platform in the cold for five hours as punishment for failing to finish a five-mile run…Those attending him in the hospital discovered recent trauma consistent with forced anal penetration. Granted, life at Rite of Passage was not intended to be a bed of roses, but at least it should have been safe in bed, considering that the boys' sleeping quarters were shared by their no-nonsense coaches.

Oh my God, I mean like…Oh my God!!!! I’m speechless, I really am. I’m so confused. I’m really at a loss for words now, I honestly don’t know what to say. I’m so aghast that I can’t even take a position on this issue. This is crazy! They can’t even do this in the real army and they’re doing it in juvenile boot camps??!?!? In the ARMY-army, the actual ARMED FORCES Army, THAT Army, the one where they send you off to DIE, drill instructors can’t touch you! Even back in the day they couldn’t touch you! You go to Ranger school, they can’t beat you! Even Navy SEAL school, my friend got punched in the face once, but that’s a whole lot different than being beaten to death! I just really don’t understand, my eyes are so wide right now that its not even funny. You guys tell me what I’m supposed to think because really I just can’t think! I’ll write a more thought out post when I can get my head strait and take sides on this.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

High School Ruined My Life...And No One Seems To Care

In today's data-happy era of accountability, testing and No Child Left Behind, here is the most astonishing statistic in the whole field of education: an increasing number of researchers are saying that nearly 1 out of 3 public high school students won't graduate. For Latinos and African Americans, the rate approaches an alarming 50%. Virtually no community, small or large, rural or urban, has escaped the problem… "Ten years ago," [says a school official] "if we had a problem student, the plan was, 'O.K., let's figure out how to get rid of this kid.' Now we have to get them help…We've doubled the amount we spend per pupil since the '70s, but the problem hasn't budged."
Time Magazine April 13, 06

We have a problem. There’s a problem in this country that no one’s caught. It’s silent, and the silence is growing. It’s the problem of education forgetting about the kids. At a national dropout statistic of 50%, the public still only complains about teacher pensions, lapse discipline, and basically all the people running the place…the public seems to have forgotten whose behind the school gates.

No one seems to know what’s going on. Educators and experts who have never been where this problem leads, who were successful in school and in life, are tasked with coming up with a solution. Despite their “expertise” on the matter, I think we’re asking the wrong people.

We like to think that high school is preparing our kids for a great life. A life where they will be educated, have a great career, make their own decisions, and be self-sufficient. We like to think that our kids are nurtured in the environment that we entrust our children for the majority of their childhood. We trust that their innocence is being protected.

Sadly however, with one of the worse public education systems in the WORLD, American high schools serve as little more than daycare/prisons for America’s unruly youth. The public wants the real deal on what’s going on inside its public schools. Here’s the Real Deal…

High School is the last stop before show time. It’s the airlock before exiting the Matrix and being booted into the rough waters of the Real World. It is a right of passage, designed to strip you of your childhood identity so that you can build a new one akin to the rest of the world, and find yourself in a way that is productive and beneficial to society. But it doesn’t, it fails miserably. It tries to follow the military model as much as lawsuits will allow and goes half way, coming up dangerously short and leaving kids broken down but not built back up.

Public High School’s are not designed to create senators. That is the Private Schools job. Public High School is designed to create a perpetual work force and ensure the creation of a permanent middle class (the absence of a middle class is what brings many country’s to their knees). It’s become more about creating jobs than about educating kids. School’s support teachers, laborers, construction workers, custodial staff, security guards, research analysts, secretaries, food service workers, police officers, public health officials, building inspectors, psychologists, tech advisors, electricians, secretaries, publishing companies, board members to make sure everyone does their jobs, and non-teachers who coach sports which generate revenue. What is the function of the public high school? To prepare students for real life. In other words…to fill these jobs.

The process starts by breaking the student down. The system mimics the military model but goes dangerously half way, leaving the students broken down but not built back up. There is a way that school teaches material that does not in anyway mimic the outside world, and the job of students is to roll with it, those who can catch on will survive and thrive. Those who can’t are supposedly the ones who will never make it in the real world, so why waste precious limited resources on them?

Curriculum in high school is designed to simulate the work environment. Classwork and homework are assigned in bulk to mimic “quotas” and production standards of a middle class labor or desk job. Busy work is 40% of a total grade whereas tests—that make sure you actually know the material—are worth about 25%. Curriculum is not challenging and is slowed down to snail pace to accommodate the non-english speaking students of illegal aliens while busy work is still assigned in bulk. Somehow more homework equals more of a challenge, especially considering that the only thing separating the curriculum of and AP biology class and a regular biology class is the work load, not the subject matter. This is catastrophic considering that everyone and their mother has ADD now, and 80% of dropouts are ADD (ADD is an invention however, ADHD is the serious disorder that warrants special ed). Studies have shown that speeding up the curriculum would increase interest in subject matter ten fold, but does the school care? Of course not. Students are intentionally placed in stressful environments to teach them how to perform under stress, and forget about creativity unless you are in the AP program, which is the only way you are going to get into a good 4 year University and have a great life. Everyone else...they’ll be working for the AP students (forget about all of the cheating rings that have been busted in the AP programs).

Think child labor doesn’t exist in the US? Think again. Sports programs in High Schools get paid $100,000 for bringing home a regional championship, even more if they take a state title for the team. If a lone athlete gets scouted by a college, the high school gets paid an allowance for the athlete, and the coach of the program gets an incentive for each league championship and a bonus for every level after that. A good sports program can fund an entire school 100 times better and faster than a good academic program. Compton High School is carried by its track team. It seems as if athletes are given all of the resources because public education knows that students have a better chance of getting an athletic ride into a University than an academic ride. Maybe this is why more teachers are lenient toward athletes. Students are pushed harder than almost any child laborer in any poor country to the point of repeated injury and hazed so bad so as to make sure the ones who will rack in revenue won’t quit. The only thing that keeps it from being child labor is the fact that students are choosing to be there. Sports has ruined a lot more lives than it has enhanced.

Lets talk about High School’s take on creativity. Creativity is very important and individualism is very important to the American Ideal. In high school, creativity does not exist. “50 minute class periods are no place to teach creativity,” argue teachers.” Kids grow the most physically and mentally between the ages of 15 and 18, these need to be the years where they are allowed to explore their world and develop their own insights and ideas, not be shoved into the abyss of the drab ideal and shocked into submission. In high school, the message of dreaming big and aiming high is replaced by “play it safe and don’t be stupid, the real world is no place for trailblazers.”

What about teachers? I have a lot to say about teachers.

There is such a huge discrepancy in what makes a teacher a good teacher that most good ones get screwed. Most of the Young Liberal teachers burn out within the first few years while the Old Crusty teachers can’t be fired because they get tenure. Its ballsy for a teacher to even step up to teach high school, but its all too common for them to fail. No one in their right mind teaches high school. All the student-teachers I’ve met: middle school, elementary school, kindergarten. Mention high school and they run. The American Teenager is the epitome of a challenge because they are smart enough to know what they want and what’s going on around them, but stupid enough to not have the experience to deal with it.

That’s why High School teachers have to be strong. A great teacher can change a kid’s life. I’ve known a few good teachers though, the ones that succeeded in being extraordinary teachers have been of the following, and these people were crazy to begin with:

A) X-Military (One Navy SEAL, a Marine and an Airman)
B) Olympic Wrestler
C) Martial Artists
D) Former CDC agent
E) NFL Wide Receiver
F) Former Police Officer
G) Mother of 5 boys

However, most of the teachers that students in need get stuck with are bitter professionals who have failed in their professions in the real world. The saying is true, “Those who can’t, teach.” To all those who teach high school because they failed in the professions of with they teach, and pushed the good teachers out of work, to this I say the following. Go sell candy like the rest of the student you humiliate. School is about kids, not you. It is your job to be superhero’s because of the lives you are entrusted with.

It’s true that there are limited resources, that the standards the school is required to meet are in many ways unrealistic, that teachers are over-tasked and underpaid. The problems with education are so spread out that sometimes it seems hopeless trying to fix them. We turn to the worlds greatest minds begging for an answer, like I said above, I think we are asking the wrong people.

If you asked me, if you asked students who have been there, and teenagers who are going through it now, they would give you this answer…

People could start by caring.

After 4 years of emotional catastrophe and trying to please everybody, I finally realized the only lesson they were trying to teach me. No one gave a damn. No one outside of my extended family who had been nagging on the laces of my shoes for my entire life gave a damn whether I lived or died and I could go jump off a bridge for all they cared. The world doesn’t want me, the world doesn’t love me, the world doesn’t exist for me and I am nothing…That was what a teacher said to me the day before I left. If you can’t find reasons to believe in us, and you’re bigger and smarter than us, then how can we stupid kids find reasons to believe in ourselves, especially when you say we’re wrong? The expelling of the soul from the body is the most painful process a life form can undergo. The period in which a life realizes that there are no special things inside of it is like squeezing the yolk out of an egg though a tiny hole in the shell. The mush that comes out can never be put back in, and that’s what American High Schools leave their children with, mush for dreams and a receipt for a piece of paper, the ironic thing being that half of the words written on that paper will be too high above the graduates reading level.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Boys Destroyed A Nation

Who in their right mind reads “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus?” What planet are they from? That 10th planet?

Supposedly, the brain chemistry of men and women is so incredibly dissimilar, regardless of the fact that men and women differ by only a single chromosome. According to the author, men’s minds are compartmentalized, like their sock drawers, whereas women’s minds are integrated, like transparent slides on an overhead projector.

This would explain why men are dogs right? They can sleep with any girl as long as she’s half-decent looking and completely detach themselves emotionally, supposedly whereas women prefer to be in a relationship with a person they really care about and can be emotionally comfortable around. Sex and emotions aren’t necessarily connected in a male mind, whereas women connect sex to love to marriage to family to financial stability etc.

WHATEVER! I guess now we know why girls are good at word association games right? Maybe a girl likes to be in love before she has sex…if she’s a VIRGIN! If everything in this book is true, then I know how boys destroyed a nation!

Lets assume the “compartmentalization” theory was accurate. Boys can think about one think at a time completely and not get distracted by other thoughts. They can open all of their drawers and only see their sock drawer, not their underwear drawer. Let’s examine what kind of effect this has had on the rest of the world, assuming its true.

Men have predominantly ruled the world (those scoundrels). In some countries, women still can’t drive cars! In America, there are arguably more men in government than there are women, and women haven’t had that great of an influence in it until about 50-60 years ago. Let’s look at our government: departments, bureaus, cabinets, agencies, divisions, so many levels of organization in government that it’s ultimately disorganized. It works good enough to keep it from falling apart. Sound COMPARTMENTALIZED?

In today’s government, the FBI can’t communicate with the CIA which can’t communicate with the Dept of Agriculture to keep confidentiality secure. Everything is like a drawer that can’t be opened unless a process is initiated to open it, and for two drawers to be opened at the same time in the same issue takes a freaking act of god! For instance, Tornados and Hurricanes are getting far more severe such as in the instance of Hurricane Katrina. First it was Fema’s fault, then it was the department that staffed fema, then it was the government’s fault for placing fema under the jurisdiction of a department that was under funded, then it was President Bush’s fault for focusing too much on foreign affairs and not enough on problems at home, then it was God’s fault for putting Bush in power which unleashed terrorism on our beloved country. It took FOREVER for it to finally get back to humanities fault for ensuing Global Warming on our planet and building a city smack on top of the wetlands. Finally, after about a year of deliberation and religious groups claiming global warming doesn’t exist, our government finally took steps to restore the wetlands by imposing its eminent domain laws on individuals who owned land throughout Georgia and Northern Florida; steps that were pushed by a Louisiana senator named Mary Landrieu (female).

How about if government were INTEGRATED? Wouldn’t it be nice to have every drawer open at the same time and be able to communicate with one another so that no possibility to a problem is ruled out? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a congress that can actually communicate with each other? Wouldn’t it be nice to have humanitarian causes matter over fiscal causes? Probably. That’s why we should all vote for Condi Rice in 2008!

I’m saying that if women really do have integrated minds that can see every aspect of every problem at the same time even if problems are not related, wouldn’t it then be good to have them run our country? Yeah but supposedly the way they think takes longer…as opposed to a years worth of deliberation to settle one problem at a time? Our schools would be better because our government would care about education, rape victims would get better care and treatment, we’d have more freedom because our government would be able to relate to us, and fiscal issues would take more of a backseat to humanitarian and essential needs because it’s a known fact that MEN DON’T HAVE FEELINGS.

But hey I’m only saying what the author thinks. Its not my opinion (lol).

The deal with brain chemistry, what is the deal? Supposedly women’s “lack of testosterone makes it so that they can not be fiercely competitive even if they tried.” Okay, that’s bull. Whoever conducted that study never saw a girlfight on a playground. Enough said. What about Testosterone?

This stuff is great! Doubles your athletic potential, gives you an instant sugar rush, makes you able to life twice your body weight and leap tall buildings in a single bound, not to mention the benefits to your cardiovascular health and bone density! They should market this stuff and make millions! Why haven’t they?

The stuff is unstable! Don’t believe me? How many female psychopaths have you heard of? How many have actually been documented? Supposedly women report problems to their doctors more than men, you’d think they’d catch a female serial killer every now and then. How about female heart attack victims? There are lots of them, but why are all the heart attack medicines marketed to men? Could it be that men’s supposed “higher VO2 max” makes them more vulnerable to cholesterol buildup. Basically, my mom and dad eat the same things, why does he have high cholesterol and she doesn’t? Why do men live eight years less than women? Why is it that the average woman can outswim a seasoned male athlete? Why do men go up quickly and crash suddenly?

Testosterone is not approved by the FDA for a reason!

When you have too much testosterone in things that matter most, like government, you get way too competitive and before you know it we’re focusing more on winning wars than curing cancer. Extremes do not make means. I say men are good for one thing…reproduction.

That is of course, only if “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” is correct after all.

Why exactly are women segregated anyway? They have different sports programs, different health care, different counseling methods, even different methods to make friends. There is a different protocol for dealing with girls, why?

There’s a new vitamin on the market specifically developed for the individual needs of different…get this…races! Supposedly African-Americans don’t absorb as much healthy sun rays, so therefore need more vitamin A in their diet, whereas Asians need more carotenes for their slightly less dominant eye-sight (always with the Asians and the eyes). Oh okay, so there’s lots of physical and biological differences between races after all! In that case, since studies show African-American men tend to have slightly lower body fat percentages and slightly denser muscle development than Caucasian men, and that Asian men tend to be shorter than Caucasian men, there should be separate sports programs for each race. Its not fair to make everyone have to work harder because of biological differences now is it?

Too bad. Men fight in the same division. Don’t wanna challenge up? So sad. So ultimately biological differences don’t matter and the American public doesn’t give a care about who supposedly has it harder. In that case, why don’t we make women challenge up? Biological differences don’t matter right, and there’ve been so many women that have proven their own against men that its not even funny, yet we still throw them all together into a weaker training program and say “oh it’ll never happen.” I swam with the boys team for one day and I swear I gained half an inch on my arms. Its societies acceptance that women are allowed to be weaker that makes them weaker, not “biology.” Sorry, testosterone only goes so far. If we would expect women to be stronger, they would be.

For those of you who want to be politically correct, let me explain the “strength difference” deal. Testosterone functions as a speedy agent that makes you gain a lot of muscle very quickly and rather efficiently. In the wild, male lions are bigger and stronger to fight off other big males and pass the best genes on to the next generation. However, this extra muscle makes them slower and less efficient than lionesses. More is not necessarily better. Researches can say all they want about different brain chemistry, but in humans, muscle is muscle, that is a direct quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book. However, in females, their muscle is more compact than it is in males, they have more muscle per square inch. Female’s have genes that make lower body muscles develop more efficiently than upper muscles, but they do not have “less upper body muscle.” Lack of testosterone makes it so that in the wild, when we’re running around and naturally being athletes, we don’t get as huge and bulky as males to sacrifice our speed and agility. Remember, we weren’t supposed to be living in houses with running water, in the beginning, we hunted our food. Basically, in today’s world, it’s really hard for a girl to get big, but once she does, she is as strong if not stronger than a guy the same size.

Why are the men’s and women’s short distance sprint records only different by 3/10 of a second? If that’s the case, the girl should be as big as the guy right? No? Why then is the worlds fastest female only about half the size of the worlds fastest male? Could it be that smaller women are faster, but why then is the fastest female (referencing Marion Jones types) considered tall for a girl? Nothing is adding up.

In old traditional times, the purpose of women is to make more men, on the contrary, the purpose of men is to make strong females.

Man, boys messed up everything didn’t they!

I really think men and women do understand each other, they just don't want to.

Proof is coming soon. I’m having trouble uploading a video onto blogger. In the meantime, sit tight.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fashion is Communism!

Communism is the absence of freedom of choice. Your life and your personality are dictated by whatever mob is in power. You pick, they decide. American life has gotten a little on the stricter side since 9/11, freedom of speech and expression has even been cut into as much as our constitution allows, but even if the only thing that’s keeping us from becoming the same as our Muslim counterpart countries is religion, at least we don’t have to wear the burqa. At least we can still wear whatever we want right?


When you go clothes shopping, it’s impossible to buy something that’s not on the shelf right? You browse and select from the inventory available, and maybe if you’re insistent, go to another mall if they don’t have what you’re looking for. Who decides what goes on those shelves? Do you decide?

In Cuba, fashion is regulated. There is an actual governmental bureau that decides what its citizens will like and what they will wear in the spirit of communism. The government has decided that its citizens like communism, so will dress to support it. Oh you want to wear a band tshirt instead of a Castro tshirt? Too bad!

Is it really that much different in America? An elite group of fashion designers decides what they think looks good on America regardless of what Americans think and then we select from their opinions. It can be argued that they analyze trends of what the public is wearing and go off that…NO they don’t analyze trends c’mon! If they want to bring back the 80’s (which they’ve done about 10 times already), they’re bringin’ back them 80’s! Fashion has become so predictable that there’s no way around it. There’s no such thing as “gender-neutral” in clothes. It’s either tight for girls or baggy for boys. You decide what comes off those shelves, but you want to wear something else? Too bad! “They” have decided that big bug-eye glasses and slutty, skin-tight clothes look good on women and have also decided that women like to look slutty, so have marketed nothing but slutty clothes to the female population. Don’t believe me?


Bottega Veneta

Even our younger girls!

This isn’t just going on with women’s clothing. Mens fashion is currently designed to make men look gay. Don’t believe me?


Levis 501

If I’m not mistaken, most female taboo is about sluts, and most male taboo is about homosexuals. Why is fashion trying to bring the extremes to the center? The reason is because most of them came from the extremes of society. They don’t necessarily represent the majority of American opinion. Why are we venturing into the Netherworld to do our shopping? Fist off, what exactly are the reasons we trust those in the fashion industry in the first place? Most of them are either (and not that there is anything wrong with being any of these):

A- French. C’mon! We hate the French! When did we start emulating them through our clothes!? I’d think Americans would walk around naked to avoid supporting the French (ooh, there’s an idea for a protest, boys are welcome to attend!). And don’t the French hate us? Doesn’t anyone get the feeling that they’re giving us extreme styles on purpose to make us suffer because they know we’ll wear what they tell us to? I sense a disturbance in the Force. It’s a conspiracy (!!).

B- Gay Men. Fashion designers dress models in clothes they feel look good on them. Gay men think that gay men look good, so hence the reason that male models often look like they swing the other way. Gay men are also dressing women, of which they are not attracted to, but are tasked with making them look attractive. Could this have anything to do with the reason women are increasingly pressured into being pencil-thin, so as to look like adolescent boys whom typically have very low body fat levels? It’s a known fact that strait men oftentimes prefer curvy women, and girls who are too skinny are often unattractive. So why then are we still stressing this extreme look? I can’t think of any other reason.

C- Punk Rockers! That would explain the push toward striking, weird dazzling makeup and inseams sewn in new and exotic ways. Like Wow! Who would have thought that I would ever have to pay $160 for a pair of torn-up jeans! And when did fishnet stockings become acceptable to wear on the outside? Isn’t that like indecent exposure to wear underwear on the outside?

D- Older Women. Both of my moms (yes I have two moms) are older women and are going to yell at me for this. Older women are often at that age where their hormones are finally at the level that a male’s hormones were at when he was 16! The joke however is that now men’s hormones have calmed down and women aren’t as attractive as they used to be at 16, so now it’s the women begging the men for a change and hence they have a harder time getting laid. It’s not surprising at all that they go to the dark side and begin to adopt a taste for more extreme fashions to get noticed. Also, honestly with all due respect, the time they grew up in was just a little bit behind the time we live in now. Things that looked good on them back in their youth don’t exactly look good on today’s youth.

I went shopping the other weekend for the first time in literally 3 years. My style consists of pretty much anything I can get in a fight in. So tight clothes are OUT! How do you tell someone you don’t like tight clothes though? In today’s world, tight clothes ARE women’s clothes. That’s like trying to explain to someone why you don’t like the color Orange. Hey, I like what I like. I don't even know why they bother putting pockets on women's jeans, its not like you can put anything in them! Maybe you could fit a Pink RAZR Phone or a condom but that's about it! But women’s baggy doesn’t even exist! Literally, there is no such thing as women’s baggy because they are still designed to outline your boobs and your butt and make you look slutty. Google “Women’s Baggy” and tell me what you find. Women’s baggy is nothing but a cheap attempt to cater to fighting tomboys who still haven’t crossed over yet (since most tomboys get it brainwashed out of them by the time they hit high school and if they don’t they are exiled to the “dyke” subculture where they just wear men’s clothes anyway). Same thing with men’s form-fitting, tight in all the wrong places. I see guys shop in the girls section for their pants where they can get the same thing they’re looking for for $29 as opposed $70 in men’s form fitting. I do the same, I shop in the boys department for my clothes, but its sad that the true mainstream in America is misrepresented and forced to “fit molds” that are for the few minorities anyway. When will we have our freedom?

Fashion is Communism! Or worse…


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pet-owners Make Me Sick

What I hate is people who buy pets and then kick them outside when they realize that it’s an actual living thing they’ve adopted. I hate people who think pets are toys for their kids and turn a blind eye when their children abuse them like stuffed dolls. I hate people who won’t spend a dime to take their animals to the vet but will run out and buy luxuries for themselves or family. I hate people who get puppies at 6 weeks and then put them in the pound at 6 months when they start teething. I hate people who give up cats because they scratch on their furniture. I hate petowners!

My Dad has thrown my 4 primarily-indoor cats outside indefinately because HIS FRIENDS are making fun that his house smells like cats. Well duh, maybe because cats live there. I don't understand, he hates his friends, yet abuses my animals to appease them. Other unneutered cats have been coming around, and my cats have been spraying as a result. He buys them cheap food, so they keep throwing up. He won't give me money to take them to the vet but he'll give me money to go buy clothes. Now I have to watch them sit at the glass screen door all day waiting to come in.

People think that a pet is an easy responsibility. A thing that you feed and look at. Keep it outside and you don’t even have to clean up after it. Keeps your kids occupied and since it doesn’t have feelings, keeps them from beating each other up. Everyone’s happy. People do really bad things to animals when they are trying, but its horrifying the things they can do to animals when they’re not even trying:

A substitute teacher at Veterans Park Academy for the Arts was charged with animal cruelty on March 28 after sheriff's deputies found a dog that had been left for hours in her car at the school. Deputies learned that the dog, a basset named Bailey, had been locked in the vehicle for six hours with no water and minimal ventilation.
The News-Press - April 1, 2006

State Police investigated a case of cruelty to animals at Countryside Bargains, located at 416 Nottingham Road, earlier this week. During a routine patrol on Tuesday, March 28 at 1:13 a.m., Troopers found one adult dog and two small puppies tied behind the store without proper sustenance and no shelter during a night when temperatures plummeted to 32 degrees
Solanco News - March 30, 2006

A Brooklyn man was pinched for allegedly starving his Cane Corso breed dog for two years. Gary Mapp, 39, was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for allegedly keeping 2-year-old Obi chained with no water or food in a concrete area behind his Bushwick house.
New York Post - March 24, 2006

Police charged a city woman with cruelty to animals. The Meriden Animal Hospital contacted police Jan. 13, 2006 after it was forced to euthanize a cat that had been brought in for treatment, police spokesman Sgt. Lenny Caponigro said. The cat, which had been adopted from the Meriden Humane Society in July 2005, was severely dehydrated and emaciated and had no chance of survival, a hospital employee told police.

Record Journal News - March 2006

NEWSFLASH! Pets are People too, since you’re supposed to treat them like a member of the family. A lot of people think a puppy is a play-baby, and get one to practice. Stupid. Get a puppy for the sake of getting a puppy, not to practice on and then impound once you get pregnant. Don’t just get a cat to please your kids and then kick them outside when you don’t take care of them. Ever heard of shaken-baby syndrome? Kittens get it too. That’s why you shouldn’t get young children pets. ANIMALS ARE NOT TOYS! They have feelings and need love and attention just like humans do. If you don’t PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR ANIMALS, it is neglect, and that is abuse, and that is a crime.

Its as simple as that.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

This Means War!

Underlying Causes of The War: How the heck did all this get started? What the heck happened?

I remember a few years ago, I think I was in like 8th grade, seeing conflicts in “THE HOLY LAND” on TV. The headline was something like “updates on the conflict in the middle-east, Israeli’s…blah blah blah…Palestinians…blah blah blah…lots of fighting and violence yatta yatta yatta.” I remember thinking WTF when did this happen? No one told me a war started! Mom!!!

That was the first time I’d seen or became acquainted with the conflicts in the Middle-East. There was no explanation of the ongoing war because it had already been given…50 years ago! Apparently this war has been going on forever, and even stretches further back than the State of Israel or the First World War or even the Prophet Muhammad (cough, terrorist, cough).

This might be old news to some of you (keep in mind I’m 18), but what happened and when did everyone start hating America? Supposedly, America is denounced by the eastern World for it's support and endorsement of Israel. But why? What did Israel ever do to its neighbors that was so bad to make everyone in the region bann together and want to annihilate them and anyone who supports them? Who was really at fault? Why is Israel the subject of so much hate and burried anger? Here’s my knowledge on the subject:

After the Holocaust, displaced Jews scattered all over the world, fleeing to any country that would take them. Few would. Once again, the people of Zion were without a country in a long sad history of being without a country.

The Jews have been kicked out of literally every country they’ve been in since the dawn of time! Damn, that’s harsh. What brought every single country to hate their guts, I can’t say for sure, but I do know that they were different, and most people hate things that are different.

In a polytheist time-period, monotheists were undoubtedly persecuted for such charges as impiety (being unloyal to the Gods, the same charges Socrates was tried under) and corruption. In this time-period, there were these guys called the Romans. These guys were cool, they were idealists, religiously out-going, the epitome of morality and innovation all rolled into one. Their take on The Gods was that there were many Gods, they just hadn’t discovered them all yet. They had this thing about collecting Gods. So when a new civilization was discovered, the Romans would be “hey, what’s your god?”
“Oh our God is the God of coconut trees!”
“Wow! That’s so neat! It’s a shame we didn’t discover him earlier! Lets build a temple and name a holiday in his honor!”

So when this new group of travelers shows up, the Romans welcome them with open arms and are like “So what’s your God?”
“The God of pain and suffering and self-sacrifice.”

The Hebrew God isn’t really that much fun (incase you hadn’t noticed). The religion was very representative of the struggles of real life, which is what ended up drawing many people to it in the end. The Jews were rigid, with strict codes of conduct, borderline Amish. The Romans thought “that’s no fun,” and kinda let the Jews do their own thing and left them alone for a while.

It wasn’t the fact that the Hebrews only had one God, it was that they insisted “there is ONLY one God, and all your other Gods are fakes and all who worship them are idiots.” They were viewed as pushy, and when you push, you get persecuted. They were kinda in the same boat that gays are in today, everyone wanted them dead and no one cared what they had to say. Then the whole Jesus deal really pushed some buttons. Jesus was a political activist and a hippie, you know he wasn’t just preaching peacefully. For the kind of revolution he started, you know there were riots in the streets that had his teachings at their root. The state killed him for causing an uprising and refusing to call it off. We did the same thing to Martin Luther King Jr.

The Jews didn’t stand with Jesus though. Jesus was a Jew, but those who followed him broke away from the Jewish faith. He wasn’t standing up for Jews, he was advocating for governmental reform, and that’s why his own culture came to hate him. Today when a political figure doesn’t represent their ethnic group, their ethnic group denounces them. Trust me, Condi Rice does not have the Black vote, but Al Sharpton does??? The death of Jesus left the public wondering what in the heck, in this religion of pain and suffering, could make any masochistic moron want to die for it? This gives rise to what many Anthropologist unofficially term “Closet Christians.” The whole Christianity thing really gained a foothold when the Emperor of Rome at the time (a practicing Closet Christian) had a dream that he would win an upcoming battle if he marched forward with banners of the Cross. The Cross wasn’t even a Christian Cross, it was an Egyptian Cross, the one with the loop at the top! Regardless, he won the battle, dropped to his knees and proclaimed “there is only one God!”

Now a completely new religion had ensued, but it STILL wasn’t Judaism! It was their religion, but all messed up. The Jews were like “wait wait wait no no no you got it all wrong! Curse you!” Goddammit the Hebrews got rid of polytheism, gave birth to a hero, set up a single god AND THEY’RE STILL BITCHIN!

Hit the road, Jack, and dontcha come back…that road pretty much scattered them all over Europe where for centuries they were demoted to the lowest caste in society…Bankers (??). In medieval times money lending was a sin, so they gave that “dirty work” to the Jews. Hmm…lets think about this…money=power, entrust them with YOUR MONEY, teach them how to manage it, and expect them to be none the wiser. Jews started becoming the richest Mo-Fos in the unions! Their communities were close-knit, so all the money would commonly stay within their circles. This may or may not have had any affect on the economy, but it was perceived that money staying within their inner-circles was money not circulating through the economy.

In the case of Germany, The Brain came up with the only plan for world domination that almost worked and pretty much used the handle “the Jews are sucking money out of the economy and taking away from your child’s education and your job benefits, they must be gotten rid of!” Quick interjection, I can’t help but think after reading that… replace the word “Jews” with the words “illegal aliens” and see what you get.

Anyway, after the Holocaust, displaced Jews wondered the globe searching for a home. No country could bear the brunt of all these refugees, so the UN, in this age of the ability to FINALLY learn from the past, came up with a solution.
“Send them home.”
Where is Home?
Where is Israel?

Ancient texts depicted Zion and the state of Israel as belonging to the Hebrew peoples of God. This had always been theirs, it was where their original temple had stood before it was ransacked and burned, thinking that it would destroy their god. We said “Yes! Send them home!” And the Jewish state of Israel was added to the map.

Unfortunately, no one really took into account that in the past few thousand years of the Hebrew’s absence, people had moved in there, and Palestine being a poor Muslim country, wasn’t given too much input into the decision. We should have bought it from them, a starving nation would have sold it for so cheap back then. Instead, no we wanted to be politically correct, we dropped these refugees off at the beaches and aren’t we feeling the effects of that decision today.

It really wasn’t fair, if you think about it. Well, it might have been fair, but it was a little harsh, and harsh is not what you want to be to a culture whose only possessions are pride and machetes. I’m sure they were thinking “they can’t just come in here and kick us out of our own land! Allah be praised we’ll kill them!” It may have been their land to begin with, but are you brave enough to waltz in there and tell armed jihadi’s to cease and desist?

We probably didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. We thought the War of Independence would come and go, problem solved, another seat in the UN. Nah-uh. This decision is going to fuel the insurgency for the next 100 years and it’s a little too late to buy them off now. Its really not America that is despised, its Israel that is confusing and despised because it is confusing, and America’s backing of it makes us look like bad guys to young Palestinian patriots who don’t understand. I’m having problems understanding myself, and I’m only 18, so I can imagine in a country with limited education how difficult the whole political process must seem to them. Everyone F’d up this time, now we’re going to have to live with this and try our best to fix the problem.

We will never stop backing Israel though. True, we could have handled the situation a little better, but I think everyone needs to calm down and get over it instead of letting the issue stay fresh in their minds and teaching the pain to their next generations.

Needless to say, I find it ironic that the most chaos and carnage is happening in “the Holy Land.”

Friday, April 07, 2006

What He Said!...

I'm just kidding. Don't take anything this guy says seriously. I gotta make this site a little fun! Laugh a little!

Dos Años de Español en la Escuela, y No Entiendo Nada!

President Bush is apparently on the verge of approving the measure to allow illegal aliens to mooch off of...I mean work and eventually receive citizenship in this country.

One of my friends, Mike, is a whitexican…I mean third generation Mexican-American (the dude can’t even speak Spanish). Obviously born and raised north of the border, Mike has no accent, no tan, and likes basketball as opposed to fútbol. During the World Cup, he’s more likely to root for Brazil than for Mexico (three cheers for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). You can’t make the La Migra jokes with him, it just doesn’t work. But even though Mike is as American as they come, I’ll bet he’d still get a little upset if I described Mexicans as “chollos and strawberry pickers who hop the border to get on welfare.”

Mike describes the Mexican culture as “hard-working, religious, moral, and placing a great value on family and education.” Well, honestly I have to agree with him. My Hispanic friend Jesse signs the cross every time he walks out of his house! Show a pic of a naked girl to a Mexican: “Aye Dios Mio Santa Maria me pregunta!” and they get down on their knees and start praying! Don’t take a Mexican drinking, they sing God’s praise in Spanish like the National Anthem! The most common phrase in that scratch music they insist on listening to on their paint-flecked radios that look like they've been pulled out of a dumpster: “Es mi vida de me Corazon aye por Dioooos!” ( I should probably note that I have no idea what I’m saying). Honestly, Mexicans are worse than Muslims when it comes to prayer and family. Aye Mamamía! They seem to have a very serious culture with lots of love in it; the kind of idealistic culture that we humanitarians strive for. So why is it then that the Mexican culture in America is so problematic?

Mexico is not a poor country, it’s the fifth largest economy in the world (“made in Mexico” ring a bell). With its beautiful countryside and resort-quality beaches, it is a magnet for tourism from all corners of the earth. Border towns like Tijuana, with a legal drinking age of 18, are party-cities for anyone with some dinero and street smarts. The University of Mexico is also a top-rated accredited college, one of the best in the world. The culture is rich and colorful, filled with lots of love and general friendliness. It’s a culture of celebration and open arms. In today’s American society of Capitalism and every-man-for-himself mentalities, a little love would benefit us all, don’t you think?

Why isn’t it though?

Well for one, most of the immigrants coming over from third-world countries are the poverty-stricken and the very poor. It appears that the poorer the civilization, the less education it has, and the more gravitation there is toward crime and desperate measures. But if Mexico is such a beautiful country with so many means to invest in feeding its people, why do they still have nothing?

This can be said about many countries in which the majority of the population is poor. Albania for example: Albanians are to Greeks as Mexicans are to Americans (they hop the border into Greece or cross the Adriatic to Italy, we’re leeches). They are very family oriented, very religious, and very morally-guided. Same old story. Albania has beaches to rival Hawaii and the land is mostly undeveloped. The culture is welcoming, warm, everyone is family. Its also one of the most war-torn hotspots in the world. Only a crazy person goes into Albania unarmed. Even Iraq! Have any of you actually seen Iraq! I looked at it in a travel book written before the war and am now so mad at my soldier friend who is over there and is not sending me any post cards!

The ancient city of Babylon was in Iraq! An oil rich country sitting on masses of wealth and yet its people are war-torn and starving? What’s going on?

A big problem with these countries, ironically, is their culture itself. Think about it, if mankind has been around for a million years, why did it take us until the last 100 years to invent the light bulb? True, these traditional cultures are very moral, religious, and family oriented, more of what we need in America right? The flip side is that these things hold you down, and only when we started breaking away from our beloved parents and dogmatic teachings did we really start to explore how far we could really go. Jesus was a rebel! Whole countries like Albania, with lots of natural resources and tourist opportunites, are ruined by the gossib of old ladies. I really don't think Ben Franklin was the first person to discover electricity, he was just the first one lucky enough to be in a place where he wouldn't be burned at the stake for announcing that he could command the power of thunder! Doom!

Aside from obvious attitude problems, I think the main problem with countries like Mexico and Iraq and Albania is their governments. Mexico, for one, has no middle-class. The people are either very poor or very wealthy. That means that if the scales are tipped evenly (which they are not), at least 50% of Mexico is poor. Why is this? Probably because the people in power in these countries like it like that. So the ultimate underlying cause is corruption in government. After seeing what happened in Iraq with their Nazi dictatorship under Saddam Hussein, I don’t know how to disagree.

This is why we can’t pull out of Iraq. Every country in the world affects each other now, every country feels the repercussions of another countries’ problems in some way. If we pull out of Iraq now before everything is all set up and the mission is complete, extremists are just going to go in and take it over again and gain another foothold and destroy another Trade Center. Somehow, the problems of Iraq are going to haunt the United States and the rest of the world unless we finish the job. Unfortunately, some countries don’t really care about the affects they have on their neighboring countries. I wonder how many troops Mexico has in Iraq?

So corruption in governments that don’t care about their neighbors constitutes a strain on our economy. Mexico’s unwillingness to solve its own problems seems to me like a middle finger to the USA. Now Mexico’s problems are hopping the border into our country and dragging us down and Mexico is kicking back. Even if countries like Mexico don’t have money to support their people, they still have rights don’t they? Mexico’s constitution is almost identical to that of America’s. So why are its citizens coming to this country and demonstrating for rights over here when they don’t even legally have the right to demonstrate, why aren’t they demonstrating in their own country so they can fix their problems in their own country, which they have stated over and over again that they love so much?

This is the solution. Immigrants need to demonstrate in their own countries to fix their problems or else they will never be solved and the people will continue to suffer. People of their countries need to stand up for themselves and overcome corruption in their own countries for the sake of their heritage the way it was meant to be. Evil is possible only when good people do nothing. A civil rights movement should be brewing in Mexico to stop the corruption, but illegals, go do it over there in your country, not over here in ours! You have power, use it to change things! And in places like Iran and the middle east, if your country does not allow change, rise up! Fight for your rights and what you want for your family and your culture. But the burden cannot be placed on the United States to continually fight your battles for you.

On a final note in defense of Albanians, this recovering country has 70 of its best commandos in Iraq and is sending more to replace Spain’s pullout. They have vowed to stay until the job is done. The irony of this country is that its Northern borders are breeding grounds for the mujahadeen. So to all countries attempting to clean themselves up while still managing to help the greater cause, the people of the United States thank and salute you.

As for Mexico, thanks for the cheap labor. We’re going to milk your problems for all they’re worth. @$$3Z!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Feel Alienated by all these Aliens!

I'm A-LEGAL, not Il-legal, even though they sound the same if you say them fast. My father escaped from a communist country and came to this country LEGALLY to fight the vietnam war. We're just a bunch of crazy albanians taking one for Team USA. So when my little bro and sis, 12 years old, say they are afraid to go to school because they're afraid they'll get beat up for not wanting to walk out, I'm thinking "WTF!"

The protests currently going on around the country are pertaining to illegal immigration rights. In the 70's, our government launched a temporary program in which all illegal aliens would be given automatic citizenship if they came forward, allowing them to at least be documented and pay taxes. Now illegal aliens want the government to put on that program again, and are demonstrating on its behalf.

West Middle School, the same middle school I went to almost 6 years ago and the same middle school my sister went to almost 13 years ago, encouraged students on Friday to wear all black to show support for the illegal immigration issue and they will get their pictures in the paper. My sibblings didn't want to wear all black because they don't support the issue. When they said they are afraid they are going to get hassled by older hispanic students for not wearing black to support them, I told them to wear big T-shirts with the American Flag on them! Afterwards, I took them outside and taught them how to throw a right-cross.

Firstly, what is a public school doing touting a political agenda? Secondly, what are they doing coercing students into touting a political agenda? What does illegal immigration have to do with education other than draining its resources? Interupting class time to ostracize non-latino kids seems to me like a civil rights violation, even though it is ironically a civil rights issue! My sibblings have best friends who are latino and until now didn't even know they were different. Now they do, nice job West. It seems like the new way to teach tolerance is to teach students why they are different, why they should hate each other, and then tell them not to.

I support an individual's right to protest and freedom of speech 110%, but it doesn't mean I have to join you. I don’t understand why I can’t get a Team USA jersey during the World Cup when you know Mexico ain’t gonna qualify anyhow homes! I’m just a dumb kid trying to get a job in my neighborhood and I can’t because I don’t speak Spanish! The fact is that NO, most illegals are not working hard and pulling their weight, they’re hoppin’ the border, getting on welfare, draining our resources and paying for them in food stamps, and I know this because that’s the first thing "B" and "V" (a couple of illegal Albanians) did when they came over here.

Freedom isn’t free guys. California IS NOT Mexico. We settled this in the Mexican-American war, and no viva la revolucion, its dead already get over it! If you like Mexico so much, here’s an idea, GO HOME! Just because you can make a few dollars more over here is no reason to take advantage and hurt AMERICAN children. And "American" does not just mean "White." American means all the legal latinos who ARE out here pulling their weight and putting their kids through school. If you would have stayed in school in your own country in the first place, I won’t even continue. Mexico has good schools, better than California (wonder why). The illegals that come over here give me a really bad impression of Mexico even though my impression is completely wrong. It would be the same as if poor Americans hopped the border into Mexico, Mexicans would get a very poor impression of Americans. If you came over here waving the American flag singing our national anthem, I’d say open the borders, but you’re not. You’re flipping my flag, taking my job, insulting my patriotism and doing it all IN SPANISH! You hop the border and the first thing you look for is a taco stand!

I challenge you to name one thing that Mexico has contributed to America. One thing besides cheap tacos and tortillas. And no, our infrastructure would not crumble if we rounded up all illegals and deported them. According to a 2005 study at the University of Iowa, since labor is such a small part of the whole manufacturing, shipping, stocking and distribution process, the most prices would rise would be no more than 3%. That’s hardly $4 for a head of lettuce or $25 for a batch of strawberries. But if we must point fingers, you’re right, American businesses do commonly hire illegals, and if our government would just crack down on the businesses the problem would be solved right? I wonder who runs most of those businesses though? Would it be a shock if a percentage of them were minority owned? I think it would not. And as the government can’t do anything the people don’t want, if the people are all illegals or sympathizers, what can the government do?

Look, don’t put the Mexican flag, or the Iraqi flag, or the Cambodian flag above the American flag in America! WTF! I know that everyone who came here originally came from somewhere else, but those who did either got here when the gates were wide open or did it the right way and either joined the army or applied legally. I feel alienated in my own country. Does anyone feel the same?

Abortion is Killing Me (??)

I can't decide which is more painful...having a baby or having a baby cut out of me (eeeehhh).

It is now illegal in South Dakota to have an abortion. I'm not sure how much this matters in South Dakota seeing as there is only ONE CLINIC IN THE ENTIRE STATE! But I imagine that the handfull women a year in a state with six-digit license plates are pretty literally pissed off (as if their vaginas are not already under enough stress). I can imagine the ONE clinic is pretty ticked too seeing as with no competition in the rest of the state, they could have a coupon day for abortions and not work nights or weekends with paid vacations. Will this be an indicator of a trend that the rest of the United States will feel inclined to follow? IMO, probably not seeing as its SOUTH DAKOTA and I'm not sure many people could point it out on a map without help. I personally think its a quick move to get some attention seeing as once again its SOUTH DAKOTA and no one cares about it! Poor South Dakota. Too bad its not California which will never outlaw two things even if the entire rest of the world outlawed them: Gay marriage and women's rights. This will not happen seeing as California, with the third largest economy in the world and liberal mainframe, is practically its own country and can do whatever the hell it wants to and still be the best and baddest state in the union. We have the Terminator as our govenor for christ sakes! What does South Dakota have? Is that the state with the cheese or is that Wisconsin? I think if California outlawed abortion, it would cause ripples, but South Dakota?...ehh dunno bout that'un. Isn't it legal to marry your 14 year old cousin in South Dakota? Apperently its legal to marry a 15 year old boy if you're a 35 year old woman and get pregnent by him. That might be Georgia though, I'm getting my southern states all mixed up. Florida seems pretty cool though, except for the fact that they don't know how to punch ballot-cards to save their lives, guess the exceptions really do make the rule, okay I have to stop now about the South, I'm having too much fun making fun of them. I have to say I think this gives new meaning to the term "arogant Americans," I really think its just "arogant Californians," they do most of the traveling anyway! Then again, true that California has the third worse public education IN THE WORLD, so I don't know how much authority we sun-tanned beauties have on political matters, ah who cares, at least its better than being South Dakota. I have a feeling that I'm going to get a death threat from someone in South Dakota after this. Okay I'm done, I'll stop now.

I guess what I have to say is that if people from one side of South Dakota are willing to make the journey all the way to the other side of the state to go to the ONE abortion clinic to have an abortion, I'm pretty sure that the smart ones will be willing to buy a ticket to California to have it done for half the price, or just go a state over! Duh.

As for where I stand on abortion, I'm not pro-abortion, I'm pro-choice because even if I don't have an abortion or don't agree with it, who am I to tell you what to do (thanx Alison)? If I care so much about killing babies, why don't I go volunteer at a childrens hospital or orphanage first and then once those problems are solved, focus on the slaughter of masses of cells. Priorities people, priorities!

All These Old People Are Trying To Steal My Idea!

Alison and Aeolan came up with this great idea.

“Nikki, you should get a blog.”

But then they realized how great their idea was and tried to steal it from me! Of all the nerve!

My name is Nicole, this is my blog that I took from Aelon and Alison who tried to steal it from me even though they came up with it. Thanks guys. The Nikki_Jilton screen name was also their clever idea to rope-in sloppy-typers on google (hehehe). My deal is that I have no deal. I’m a first year college student trying to figure out the world just like the rest of the matrix. You know those questionnaires in high school where you’re asked to write three words that best describe you? My answer was always “Something Else Entirely.” My life is irony and my political views are just as much so. Despite coming from a moderately conservative family, I just can’t seem to place my loyalties in any one political party. It is said that if you are young and conservative, you have no heart, and if you are old and liberal, you have no brain. Thanks Mr. Weeks for confusing me even more.

I like to say I’m well versed in politics, growing up in the Los Angeles School District will have that effect on people. During middle and high school, I found myself in and out of the principals’ office with the same charge each time, “defiance.” Defiance in California Schools is defined as anything that disrupts classroom activity. Debating the teacher’s and making them look like idiots in front of their students may or may not fall under this criterion. For example, I had a teacher senior year that came in and immediately began to complain about her pension. Her lecture was about American government and how “the government takes X amount of money out of my paycheck and I only make Y amount of money per year because only Z amount of taxes goes into education and I’m left with XYZ of money at the end of the month. That isn’t fair to teachers.” I remember I raised my hand and calmly said something along the lines of “excuse me, teachers get paid what they’re worth because good ones are able to get jobs at private schools while crappy ones teach high school because they couldn’t make it in their professions. I came here to learn government, not to listen to some union-rat complain about her pension.” Yeah, that was pretty bad. Turns out it was also wrong, but the general idea is that education in America is so FUBAR (for those of you who’ve seen Saving Private Ryan) that no one knows what’s going on. I thought I had a few ideas, so I started writing them down.

The experiences I had in the public education system shaped my views of society. If you think about it, society begins in the public schools, and could the fact that our schools are so problematic have any connection to the problems we are having in society? I’m not sure, but one thing I am sure about is that my experience didn’t have to be as “problematic” as it was. I was a student-athlete, scored 100% on the College English Placement Exam my freshman year of high school when senior AP English students had trouble scoring a 90 yet I didn't graduate, played 6 sports and hold the unofficial record in one but never made a varsity team because I don’t know how to play politics, was the only girl on my football team and shaved my head for hell-week, wrestled for 2 years on the boys team and got screwed out of a varsity spot because of discrepancies in course eligibility, got thrown out of more social clubs, sports teams, classes, and IEP meetings than a convict gets thrown in jail, and I'd probably be in jail right now if it weren't for some really really really patient people at my local YMCA. I’ve been around, I know a thing or two about injustice, and it really sucks thinking about it sometimes. That’s where the name of this blog plays in.

”I’m Not Bitter BUT…” also Alison’s idea. Implying that I’ve moved on from the past, but that it still sucks.

Now that I’m out of High School, no one can send me to the principals office for saying something that some else doesn’t like. No one can tell me what to think and what not to think, I can think for myself. This is my little jump for joy in the big bad world, my freedom of expression. Hopefully I have something to contribute, and haven’t just been being a discipline problem all these years. Feel free to tell me what you think of me now. Lets set this roof on fire!