Sunday, April 30, 2006

I've Had Enough!

I don't want to ever hear anything about women's "inferior upper body strength" EVER again. NEVER!

(video takes a minute to upload)

I'm finished and Women should be allowed in Special Forced. WHAT HUH! Here's the deal...

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C., June 27, 2005 -- The House Armed Services Committee approved a bill recently which puts a Pentagon policy from 1994 into federal law prohibiting females in the military to serve in units below brigade level whose primary mission is direct ground combat.

Congress recently passed a law that took female soldiers off forward combat support convoys in Iraq and Afghanistan. 20,000 female soldiers were out of a job and reassigned while male soldiers had to pick up the slack in a time of war. 20,000 soldiers is a lot of man-power. The Pentagon, the Military and the rest of the country were against this law, but since majority in the house is ultra-conservative right, guess what, the law passed.

Basically, the American Public wants women in combat. The Pentagon wants women in combat. The United States Military wants women in combat. But a handful of crusty old religious bigots don’t…therefore, no women in combat. WTF?

Don’t you just hate when other people try to tell you how to do your job, especially when they don’t do your job themselves? That’s pretty much what the Military under the Department of Defense has in their job description.

Female Soldiers have been in the Army since 1943, as has been a ban on them serving in direct ground combat. Currently in Iraq and Afghanistan, where there are no “lines” to decipher rear from front, women are being exposed to more direct combat than ever before. They are taking enemy fire and fighting back, and their performance in battle has rendered the dogmatic “combat exclusion” rule obsolete. Military Police companies with women in their ranks are performing essentially the same tasks as the Infantry, and the women in these units are exceeding expectations. They’re returning fire, guarding gates, participating in raids, and even taking hostages.

For Female GI's, Combat is a Fact
It was mid-February and Guay, 26, an Army specialist who was the first woman to be assigned as an infantry combat medic, was spending 10 hours a day on missions with the 82nd Airborne Division, dodging rockets and grenades in the crowded streets of Mosul.

Woman Soldier Receives Silver Star for Valor in Iraq
WASHINGTON, June 16, 2005 -- For the first time since World War II, a woman soldier was awarded the Silver Star Medal today in Iraq. Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester of the 617th Military Police Company, a National Guard unit out of Richmond, Ky., received the Silver Star, along with two other members of her unit, Staff Sgt. Timothy Nein and Spc. Jason Mike, for their actions during an enemy ambush on their convoy. Other members of the unit also received awards.

In a time where an All-Volunteer force is struggling to meet quotas, the Army wants to lift the obsolete ban on women in combat so that it can start placing mixed-units in Iraq and Afghanistan, and polls show the American public is behind it.

Firstly, women are already in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the most dangerous place in the world for a soldier, but it is even more dangerous for these female soldiers not because they are females, but because the Army is attaching them to infantry units without letting them go through the infantry’s training school. They have skills they will need, but the lifesaving skills learned in training that is currently closed to women are essential to the tasks that they are performing, making it more dangerous for everyone. If the Army would allow women the opportunity to obtain this training, instead of closing the schools to them, it would make everything safer for everyone.

What they don’t want is lowered standards. Currently, the minimum physical fitness standard for women in the Armed Forces is slightly to drastically lower than those for men. If the Combat Arms Jobs including Infantry and Armor were to be open to women, standards should not be lowered given the number of women who can already max the male 17-24 physical fitness requirements (SEE VIDEO ABOVE!!!!!!! SEE IT SEE IT SEE IT!!!!). The Army has tried to implement one standard for combat MOS's before, but has been so bogged down by politicians getting on their case that they pretty much said "fuck it leave me alone," and refuse to even go there anymore. Get this though, the fight about double standards is a fight between TWO WOMEN! Politicians from DACOWITS and The Center for Military Readiness can't agree on what "equal opportunity" really means, so they've been butting heads for the last decade and its been keeping women out of combat. Gosh if someone could just get these two girls to kiss and makeup everything might work out!

As for the argument that the presence of women in the combat arms would jeopardize unit cohesion—this is absolutely ludicrous! Women are performing raids, executing police duties, flying fighter jets, piloting helicopters, manning turrets, driving supply trucks, gathering intelligence, racking in confirmed kills and defending our nation all side by side with their male counterparts so that there is no such thing as “Woman Marine” or “Female Soldier” anymore, it is just simply “Soldier” now. Studies have been conducted to see if mixed-units present a strain on unit cohesion. Studies found that it does not. Unless individuals within a given unit act irresponsibly does it sometimes play a factor in cohesion, but studies found that units in which irresponsibility among members occurred, so did poor leadership among officers and authority figures. Those units whose officers displayed good leadership had minimal to no interference with team cohesion. STOP BLAMING IT ON THE GIRLS!

Plus, its like opening up the men’s football team to girls, only a few would apply anyway, so even if women in units does somehow present a strain on cohesion, there’d only be a few of them so stop trippin! I went out for the men’s football team in high school and got a lot of press because of it. I thought because I did it, a lot of other girls would do it the next season and it would all be my fault…nope, not a single one went out.

“But why bother if there’s only a few of them? Why make a major policy change to only benefit a few?” Firstly, it wouldn’t just be opening the Infantry for the women who are willing to step up to the challenge, it would be allowing the 20,000 women soldiers on the forward support convoys they were taken off of to make the job of combat soldiers easier, it would be allowing the supply convoys that task women to drive into combat zones in support of operations, it would be getting the female soldiers who are already being assigned to infantry units the training they need to participate in those units, it would be making the military more efficient. In a time where strength in numbers is crucial and numbers are dwindling, man power is absolutely essential. This is not the time to be picky about the man-power we have and refusing help because of little details that have been shown again and again DON’T MATTER! I have soldier friends who back this up over and over again. When will things change?

God forbid we actually let women fight a war. That would topple The Towers, lose the war, and kill the free world! I’m tired of people saying “could we, should we, will we” I want them to start saying “we could, we should and WE WILL.” But Oh No the American Public is not ready to see women come home in body bags. Hurry up and get ready!!! They’re already coming home anyway, at least 40 women have been Killed in Action, and over 400 have been wounded. They are soldiers and making laws that limit their value as soldiers sends a mixed message to ALL troops. This is NO TIME to be sending mixed messages, especially in the middle of a war unlike any we’ve ever seen before where morale is low and there is no sign of the enemy letting up!

On a last note, I know the two words everyone is going to say: "Jessica Lynch." I have two more words: "Fuck Her!" Jessica Lynch failed the ASVAB 3 times and performed a minimum of 18 pushups to barely pass with the MOS of "Truck Passenger." Her publicity has outraged the female soldier community and does not in any way represent the thousands of capable females in the Armed Forces right now. Remember the famous phrase: "what is popular is not always right, what is right is not always popular."

What can you do? You can call your representatives, you can write letters, you can show your support. The question is not whether there could be female commando’s, but that there CAN be female commandos.

The day the Infantry opens up, I will be the first in line to enlist.


Blogger Robachelli said...


6:27 PM  
Blogger Babs said...

Ok... yes women should be able to go where ever they want, but if you asked me if my sister or anyone else in my family should go into the military & I'd say hell no. If you died I would be lost.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Babs said...

cool new photo

2:10 PM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

okay, the only reason you would vote against women in combat is to maintain some sort of control over your baby sister who is growing up. Let it go dammit! You lose control of the other person at 18. That's that, stop trying to make laws that extend the drinking age and driving age and the sex age and the legally-a-minor age to 21! 18 18 18 18 18 !!!!!!! All you parents and relatives and significant others just want control of your kids! You can't have it! Knock it off!

10:30 PM  
Blogger Babs said...

With your luck you wouldn't die.. you'd get all your limbs bombed off and then you'd think... hum, maybe I could have done a lot more with my life. Why don't you go to the VA in westwood and ask all the vets how the military has taken care of them all these years after service...

8:18 PM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

you don't seem to get it do you. I want to be something in my life. And not just anything, I want to be a soldier. I don't care about getting anything out of the military except an experience. I care about what I can offer them.

Stop being selfish.

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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