Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Feel Alienated by all these Aliens!

I'm A-LEGAL, not Il-legal, even though they sound the same if you say them fast. My father escaped from a communist country and came to this country LEGALLY to fight the vietnam war. We're just a bunch of crazy albanians taking one for Team USA. So when my little bro and sis, 12 years old, say they are afraid to go to school because they're afraid they'll get beat up for not wanting to walk out, I'm thinking "WTF!"

The protests currently going on around the country are pertaining to illegal immigration rights. In the 70's, our government launched a temporary program in which all illegal aliens would be given automatic citizenship if they came forward, allowing them to at least be documented and pay taxes. Now illegal aliens want the government to put on that program again, and are demonstrating on its behalf.

West Middle School, the same middle school I went to almost 6 years ago and the same middle school my sister went to almost 13 years ago, encouraged students on Friday to wear all black to show support for the illegal immigration issue and they will get their pictures in the paper. My sibblings didn't want to wear all black because they don't support the issue. When they said they are afraid they are going to get hassled by older hispanic students for not wearing black to support them, I told them to wear big T-shirts with the American Flag on them! Afterwards, I took them outside and taught them how to throw a right-cross.

Firstly, what is a public school doing touting a political agenda? Secondly, what are they doing coercing students into touting a political agenda? What does illegal immigration have to do with education other than draining its resources? Interupting class time to ostracize non-latino kids seems to me like a civil rights violation, even though it is ironically a civil rights issue! My sibblings have best friends who are latino and until now didn't even know they were different. Now they do, nice job West. It seems like the new way to teach tolerance is to teach students why they are different, why they should hate each other, and then tell them not to.

I support an individual's right to protest and freedom of speech 110%, but it doesn't mean I have to join you. I don’t understand why I can’t get a Team USA jersey during the World Cup when you know Mexico ain’t gonna qualify anyhow homes! I’m just a dumb kid trying to get a job in my neighborhood and I can’t because I don’t speak Spanish! The fact is that NO, most illegals are not working hard and pulling their weight, they’re hoppin’ the border, getting on welfare, draining our resources and paying for them in food stamps, and I know this because that’s the first thing "B" and "V" (a couple of illegal Albanians) did when they came over here.

Freedom isn’t free guys. California IS NOT Mexico. We settled this in the Mexican-American war, and no viva la revolucion, its dead already get over it! If you like Mexico so much, here’s an idea, GO HOME! Just because you can make a few dollars more over here is no reason to take advantage and hurt AMERICAN children. And "American" does not just mean "White." American means all the legal latinos who ARE out here pulling their weight and putting their kids through school. If you would have stayed in school in your own country in the first place, I won’t even continue. Mexico has good schools, better than California (wonder why). The illegals that come over here give me a really bad impression of Mexico even though my impression is completely wrong. It would be the same as if poor Americans hopped the border into Mexico, Mexicans would get a very poor impression of Americans. If you came over here waving the American flag singing our national anthem, I’d say open the borders, but you’re not. You’re flipping my flag, taking my job, insulting my patriotism and doing it all IN SPANISH! You hop the border and the first thing you look for is a taco stand!

I challenge you to name one thing that Mexico has contributed to America. One thing besides cheap tacos and tortillas. And no, our infrastructure would not crumble if we rounded up all illegals and deported them. According to a 2005 study at the University of Iowa, since labor is such a small part of the whole manufacturing, shipping, stocking and distribution process, the most prices would rise would be no more than 3%. That’s hardly $4 for a head of lettuce or $25 for a batch of strawberries. But if we must point fingers, you’re right, American businesses do commonly hire illegals, and if our government would just crack down on the businesses the problem would be solved right? I wonder who runs most of those businesses though? Would it be a shock if a percentage of them were minority owned? I think it would not. And as the government can’t do anything the people don’t want, if the people are all illegals or sympathizers, what can the government do?

Look, don’t put the Mexican flag, or the Iraqi flag, or the Cambodian flag above the American flag in America! WTF! I know that everyone who came here originally came from somewhere else, but those who did either got here when the gates were wide open or did it the right way and either joined the army or applied legally. I feel alienated in my own country. Does anyone feel the same?


Blogger Brendan said...

Do I feel the same? Christ, if it wasn't for the age difference I might propose to you.

(How's that for support, eh?)

I'll be back to read more when time isn't such a bear. Congrats on being yourself, which is no easy task but especially in this politically correct miasma we call Modern Society.


12:27 PM  
Blogger Babs said...

I second Brendan's posting, except that you're too young to get a proposal (at least wait until your sister gets one first!)

12:50 PM  
Blogger Cproducer said...


These "Protests" make me furious. How dare people demand American rights while holding the flag of another country. How dare people break a law by coming into this country and then demand the same rights as it's citizens who paid for the walls. It makes me sick. I pity the person who brings this argument to my door.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Maria said...

Hey Nikki,

This is your aunt Maria from NJ, I think this is great. I think there is just one thing we didn't warn you about being a Pepaj....that mouth just comes with territory. Loved your thoughts on the CA school system. There was a day when it did have some pretty good schools. A million years ago when my brothers and sister went to school there. Not that we got to see alot of it, we did our share of "jail time" in the princepal's office. One word for you...Mr. Lostedar. Oh, and that attitude of your's, that's your dad. You can tell him I said so. Keep it up kid.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

Thanks for everything guys, it is said that I get my Dad's temper and my Mom's orginizational skills (she has none!) :). I started this site as a way to put the issues and my viewpoints on the table and then let you guys discuss them. Feel free to express yourselves here as well, state your own views, add to mine. Lets make this a site with issues and lots of ideas. Keep the comments coming and have fun!

3:31 PM  
Blogger Robachelli said...

Hey Nikki . . .you might remember me . .. you might not . .but Babs sure does:o)

I work with illegals every damn day (construction) . . . and over the past 10 years, I have become very jaded against them. Most days, my partner and I are the only English speaking, non-Hispanic people on the job site. Over the years I have been in fights, had my life threatened, had things stolen and vandalized simply because I am white and I can't stand the umpa-loompa music they blair on their crappy radios. They spit on America and Americans, but yet they flock here like ants to a jelly doughnut. . . .and what does our Government do??? Not a damn thing.

Everyone turns a blind eye and accepts it as the way it is . . .to speak out against it makes me a racist. To act out against it makes me a terrorist. To ignore it makes me a facilitator. I would have loved to see Uncle Sam surround Downtown LA durring the "protest" and swoop up the whole damn lot of them that don't legally belong here.

What no one seems to notice is that they are taking California back for Mexico . . .they are breeding the war away. They have become a numbers majority here locally . . just look at the ethnic breakdown for the enrollment in the LAUSD. ENOUGH! I could go on and on and on, but I will end it here.

As for Babs being against you getting a proposal . . .she's just bitter because she hasnt gotten one yet.

5:06 PM  

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