Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fashion is Communism!

Communism is the absence of freedom of choice. Your life and your personality are dictated by whatever mob is in power. You pick, they decide. American life has gotten a little on the stricter side since 9/11, freedom of speech and expression has even been cut into as much as our constitution allows, but even if the only thing that’s keeping us from becoming the same as our Muslim counterpart countries is religion, at least we don’t have to wear the burqa. At least we can still wear whatever we want right?


When you go clothes shopping, it’s impossible to buy something that’s not on the shelf right? You browse and select from the inventory available, and maybe if you’re insistent, go to another mall if they don’t have what you’re looking for. Who decides what goes on those shelves? Do you decide?

In Cuba, fashion is regulated. There is an actual governmental bureau that decides what its citizens will like and what they will wear in the spirit of communism. The government has decided that its citizens like communism, so will dress to support it. Oh you want to wear a band tshirt instead of a Castro tshirt? Too bad!

Is it really that much different in America? An elite group of fashion designers decides what they think looks good on America regardless of what Americans think and then we select from their opinions. It can be argued that they analyze trends of what the public is wearing and go off that…NO they don’t analyze trends c’mon! If they want to bring back the 80’s (which they’ve done about 10 times already), they’re bringin’ back them 80’s! Fashion has become so predictable that there’s no way around it. There’s no such thing as “gender-neutral” in clothes. It’s either tight for girls or baggy for boys. You decide what comes off those shelves, but you want to wear something else? Too bad! “They” have decided that big bug-eye glasses and slutty, skin-tight clothes look good on women and have also decided that women like to look slutty, so have marketed nothing but slutty clothes to the female population. Don’t believe me?


Bottega Veneta

Even our younger girls!

This isn’t just going on with women’s clothing. Mens fashion is currently designed to make men look gay. Don’t believe me?


Levis 501

If I’m not mistaken, most female taboo is about sluts, and most male taboo is about homosexuals. Why is fashion trying to bring the extremes to the center? The reason is because most of them came from the extremes of society. They don’t necessarily represent the majority of American opinion. Why are we venturing into the Netherworld to do our shopping? Fist off, what exactly are the reasons we trust those in the fashion industry in the first place? Most of them are either (and not that there is anything wrong with being any of these):

A- French. C’mon! We hate the French! When did we start emulating them through our clothes!? I’d think Americans would walk around naked to avoid supporting the French (ooh, there’s an idea for a protest, boys are welcome to attend!). And don’t the French hate us? Doesn’t anyone get the feeling that they’re giving us extreme styles on purpose to make us suffer because they know we’ll wear what they tell us to? I sense a disturbance in the Force. It’s a conspiracy (!!).

B- Gay Men. Fashion designers dress models in clothes they feel look good on them. Gay men think that gay men look good, so hence the reason that male models often look like they swing the other way. Gay men are also dressing women, of which they are not attracted to, but are tasked with making them look attractive. Could this have anything to do with the reason women are increasingly pressured into being pencil-thin, so as to look like adolescent boys whom typically have very low body fat levels? It’s a known fact that strait men oftentimes prefer curvy women, and girls who are too skinny are often unattractive. So why then are we still stressing this extreme look? I can’t think of any other reason.

C- Punk Rockers! That would explain the push toward striking, weird dazzling makeup and inseams sewn in new and exotic ways. Like Wow! Who would have thought that I would ever have to pay $160 for a pair of torn-up jeans! And when did fishnet stockings become acceptable to wear on the outside? Isn’t that like indecent exposure to wear underwear on the outside?

D- Older Women. Both of my moms (yes I have two moms) are older women and are going to yell at me for this. Older women are often at that age where their hormones are finally at the level that a male’s hormones were at when he was 16! The joke however is that now men’s hormones have calmed down and women aren’t as attractive as they used to be at 16, so now it’s the women begging the men for a change and hence they have a harder time getting laid. It’s not surprising at all that they go to the dark side and begin to adopt a taste for more extreme fashions to get noticed. Also, honestly with all due respect, the time they grew up in was just a little bit behind the time we live in now. Things that looked good on them back in their youth don’t exactly look good on today’s youth.

I went shopping the other weekend for the first time in literally 3 years. My style consists of pretty much anything I can get in a fight in. So tight clothes are OUT! How do you tell someone you don’t like tight clothes though? In today’s world, tight clothes ARE women’s clothes. That’s like trying to explain to someone why you don’t like the color Orange. Hey, I like what I like. I don't even know why they bother putting pockets on women's jeans, its not like you can put anything in them! Maybe you could fit a Pink RAZR Phone or a condom but that's about it! But women’s baggy doesn’t even exist! Literally, there is no such thing as women’s baggy because they are still designed to outline your boobs and your butt and make you look slutty. Google “Women’s Baggy” and tell me what you find. Women’s baggy is nothing but a cheap attempt to cater to fighting tomboys who still haven’t crossed over yet (since most tomboys get it brainwashed out of them by the time they hit high school and if they don’t they are exiled to the “dyke” subculture where they just wear men’s clothes anyway). Same thing with men’s form-fitting, tight in all the wrong places. I see guys shop in the girls section for their pants where they can get the same thing they’re looking for for $29 as opposed $70 in men’s form fitting. I do the same, I shop in the boys department for my clothes, but its sad that the true mainstream in America is misrepresented and forced to “fit molds” that are for the few minorities anyway. When will we have our freedom?

Fashion is Communism! Or worse…



Blogger Robachelli said...

I am stunned . . .you called Momma Pepaj an "older woman" . . .isnt it more PC to say "mature" ??? :o)

I always thought she was sexy in a Stevie Nicks kinda way . . .Hubba Hubba

Try finding clothes when you are 6'2 and a cuddly 275. You get what you get . . .its the way of the world . . .unless you are skilled enough to make your own damn clothes. Then you can be whatever you want.

Everything in life is about someone yet unseen making you conform to what they want. Our whole society is run by a few hundred elite people that decide everything for us.

I say just bide your time and wait it out a bit . . . there are some nasty things floating around the shadows and back rooms that the powers that be dont see coming. Just remember, the second gunman on the grassy knoll actually shot from the sewer.

How ya like them apples???

8:12 PM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

Lets revolt!

11:03 PM  
Blogger Robachelli said...

What happened to your last posting? Self censoring???

You might be able to delete it . . .but I can't un-read it.

If this was the Matrix . . .you could erase my ass tho :o)

4:06 PM  

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