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This Means War!

Underlying Causes of The War: How the heck did all this get started? What the heck happened?

I remember a few years ago, I think I was in like 8th grade, seeing conflicts in “THE HOLY LAND” on TV. The headline was something like “updates on the conflict in the middle-east, Israeli’s…blah blah blah…Palestinians…blah blah blah…lots of fighting and violence yatta yatta yatta.” I remember thinking WTF when did this happen? No one told me a war started! Mom!!!

That was the first time I’d seen or became acquainted with the conflicts in the Middle-East. There was no explanation of the ongoing war because it had already been given…50 years ago! Apparently this war has been going on forever, and even stretches further back than the State of Israel or the First World War or even the Prophet Muhammad (cough, terrorist, cough).

This might be old news to some of you (keep in mind I’m 18), but what happened and when did everyone start hating America? Supposedly, America is denounced by the eastern World for it's support and endorsement of Israel. But why? What did Israel ever do to its neighbors that was so bad to make everyone in the region bann together and want to annihilate them and anyone who supports them? Who was really at fault? Why is Israel the subject of so much hate and burried anger? Here’s my knowledge on the subject:

After the Holocaust, displaced Jews scattered all over the world, fleeing to any country that would take them. Few would. Once again, the people of Zion were without a country in a long sad history of being without a country.

The Jews have been kicked out of literally every country they’ve been in since the dawn of time! Damn, that’s harsh. What brought every single country to hate their guts, I can’t say for sure, but I do know that they were different, and most people hate things that are different.

In a polytheist time-period, monotheists were undoubtedly persecuted for such charges as impiety (being unloyal to the Gods, the same charges Socrates was tried under) and corruption. In this time-period, there were these guys called the Romans. These guys were cool, they were idealists, religiously out-going, the epitome of morality and innovation all rolled into one. Their take on The Gods was that there were many Gods, they just hadn’t discovered them all yet. They had this thing about collecting Gods. So when a new civilization was discovered, the Romans would be “hey, what’s your god?”
“Oh our God is the God of coconut trees!”
“Wow! That’s so neat! It’s a shame we didn’t discover him earlier! Lets build a temple and name a holiday in his honor!”

So when this new group of travelers shows up, the Romans welcome them with open arms and are like “So what’s your God?”
“The God of pain and suffering and self-sacrifice.”

The Hebrew God isn’t really that much fun (incase you hadn’t noticed). The religion was very representative of the struggles of real life, which is what ended up drawing many people to it in the end. The Jews were rigid, with strict codes of conduct, borderline Amish. The Romans thought “that’s no fun,” and kinda let the Jews do their own thing and left them alone for a while.

It wasn’t the fact that the Hebrews only had one God, it was that they insisted “there is ONLY one God, and all your other Gods are fakes and all who worship them are idiots.” They were viewed as pushy, and when you push, you get persecuted. They were kinda in the same boat that gays are in today, everyone wanted them dead and no one cared what they had to say. Then the whole Jesus deal really pushed some buttons. Jesus was a political activist and a hippie, you know he wasn’t just preaching peacefully. For the kind of revolution he started, you know there were riots in the streets that had his teachings at their root. The state killed him for causing an uprising and refusing to call it off. We did the same thing to Martin Luther King Jr.

The Jews didn’t stand with Jesus though. Jesus was a Jew, but those who followed him broke away from the Jewish faith. He wasn’t standing up for Jews, he was advocating for governmental reform, and that’s why his own culture came to hate him. Today when a political figure doesn’t represent their ethnic group, their ethnic group denounces them. Trust me, Condi Rice does not have the Black vote, but Al Sharpton does??? The death of Jesus left the public wondering what in the heck, in this religion of pain and suffering, could make any masochistic moron want to die for it? This gives rise to what many Anthropologist unofficially term “Closet Christians.” The whole Christianity thing really gained a foothold when the Emperor of Rome at the time (a practicing Closet Christian) had a dream that he would win an upcoming battle if he marched forward with banners of the Cross. The Cross wasn’t even a Christian Cross, it was an Egyptian Cross, the one with the loop at the top! Regardless, he won the battle, dropped to his knees and proclaimed “there is only one God!”

Now a completely new religion had ensued, but it STILL wasn’t Judaism! It was their religion, but all messed up. The Jews were like “wait wait wait no no no you got it all wrong! Curse you!” Goddammit the Hebrews got rid of polytheism, gave birth to a hero, set up a single god AND THEY’RE STILL BITCHIN!

Hit the road, Jack, and dontcha come back…that road pretty much scattered them all over Europe where for centuries they were demoted to the lowest caste in society…Bankers (??). In medieval times money lending was a sin, so they gave that “dirty work” to the Jews. Hmm…lets think about this…money=power, entrust them with YOUR MONEY, teach them how to manage it, and expect them to be none the wiser. Jews started becoming the richest Mo-Fos in the unions! Their communities were close-knit, so all the money would commonly stay within their circles. This may or may not have had any affect on the economy, but it was perceived that money staying within their inner-circles was money not circulating through the economy.

In the case of Germany, The Brain came up with the only plan for world domination that almost worked and pretty much used the handle “the Jews are sucking money out of the economy and taking away from your child’s education and your job benefits, they must be gotten rid of!” Quick interjection, I can’t help but think after reading that… replace the word “Jews” with the words “illegal aliens” and see what you get.

Anyway, after the Holocaust, displaced Jews wondered the globe searching for a home. No country could bear the brunt of all these refugees, so the UN, in this age of the ability to FINALLY learn from the past, came up with a solution.
“Send them home.”
Where is Home?
Where is Israel?

Ancient texts depicted Zion and the state of Israel as belonging to the Hebrew peoples of God. This had always been theirs, it was where their original temple had stood before it was ransacked and burned, thinking that it would destroy their god. We said “Yes! Send them home!” And the Jewish state of Israel was added to the map.

Unfortunately, no one really took into account that in the past few thousand years of the Hebrew’s absence, people had moved in there, and Palestine being a poor Muslim country, wasn’t given too much input into the decision. We should have bought it from them, a starving nation would have sold it for so cheap back then. Instead, no we wanted to be politically correct, we dropped these refugees off at the beaches and aren’t we feeling the effects of that decision today.

It really wasn’t fair, if you think about it. Well, it might have been fair, but it was a little harsh, and harsh is not what you want to be to a culture whose only possessions are pride and machetes. I’m sure they were thinking “they can’t just come in here and kick us out of our own land! Allah be praised we’ll kill them!” It may have been their land to begin with, but are you brave enough to waltz in there and tell armed jihadi’s to cease and desist?

We probably didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. We thought the War of Independence would come and go, problem solved, another seat in the UN. Nah-uh. This decision is going to fuel the insurgency for the next 100 years and it’s a little too late to buy them off now. Its really not America that is despised, its Israel that is confusing and despised because it is confusing, and America’s backing of it makes us look like bad guys to young Palestinian patriots who don’t understand. I’m having problems understanding myself, and I’m only 18, so I can imagine in a country with limited education how difficult the whole political process must seem to them. Everyone F’d up this time, now we’re going to have to live with this and try our best to fix the problem.

We will never stop backing Israel though. True, we could have handled the situation a little better, but I think everyone needs to calm down and get over it instead of letting the issue stay fresh in their minds and teaching the pain to their next generations.

Needless to say, I find it ironic that the most chaos and carnage is happening in “the Holy Land.”


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