Thursday, April 27, 2006

Not Even the Army is This Extreme!



TALLAHASSEE, Florida (AP) -- Florida lawmakers agreed Wednesday to shut down the state's juvenile boot camps after the death of a 14-year-old boy who had been kicked and punched by guards.

WHOA! I think I know this drill. Trouble children get sent to boot camp, come home better people and never break a law again. Works miracles, I’ve seen it. Some kids end up getting sent there off the streets, turn their acts around, join the army and become freaking Green Berets! But whoa whoa whoa I don’t think kids are supposed to be dieing in these boot camps!

(CBS/AP) Guards at a juvenile-detention boot camp kneed and struck a teenager who had apparently gone limp while being restrained the day before he died, a videotape released Friday showed... On the 1-hour, 20-minute tape, which has no sound, as many as nine guards can be seen restraining Anderson. Guards kneed him and wrestled him to the ground, where he was repeatedly struck by one guard.

And that’s not even all of it!

No charges will be filed in the case of a teenager who died at a behavioral treatment center after reportedly being restrained for disruptive behavior, authorities said…Joey Aletriz's death was the second at SummitQuest in less than two months. Another resident, James White, 17, died in December of what the Lancaster County coroner determined was natural causes.

I did some researching on the net and found scores of pages in which kids have died at boot camps from what were recorded as “natural causes.” I discovered that suffocation is “the leading cause of death among children in custodial settings.” Whoa okay the fact that they used the phrase “the leading cause,” how often does this happen?! Supposedly kids accidentally die while being restrained by guards in various holds. Okay, I’m a blue belt in jiujitsu, I know the police arts and they don’t restrain, they put someone out! I read that one boy had his inhaler witheld as punishmen and died. The things I'm reading from various news websites (independent and mainstream) are really disturbing.

On February 4, 1992, 5' 4" tall, fifteen-year-old Paul Choy was being taught a lesson he wouldn't forget. Choy was required to sit on a wooden platform in the cold for five hours as punishment for failing to finish a five-mile run…Those attending him in the hospital discovered recent trauma consistent with forced anal penetration. Granted, life at Rite of Passage was not intended to be a bed of roses, but at least it should have been safe in bed, considering that the boys' sleeping quarters were shared by their no-nonsense coaches.

Oh my God, I mean like…Oh my God!!!! I’m speechless, I really am. I’m so confused. I’m really at a loss for words now, I honestly don’t know what to say. I’m so aghast that I can’t even take a position on this issue. This is crazy! They can’t even do this in the real army and they’re doing it in juvenile boot camps??!?!? In the ARMY-army, the actual ARMED FORCES Army, THAT Army, the one where they send you off to DIE, drill instructors can’t touch you! Even back in the day they couldn’t touch you! You go to Ranger school, they can’t beat you! Even Navy SEAL school, my friend got punched in the face once, but that’s a whole lot different than being beaten to death! I just really don’t understand, my eyes are so wide right now that its not even funny. You guys tell me what I’m supposed to think because really I just can’t think! I’ll write a more thought out post when I can get my head strait and take sides on this.


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