Sunday, April 16, 2006

Boys Destroyed A Nation

Who in their right mind reads “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus?” What planet are they from? That 10th planet?

Supposedly, the brain chemistry of men and women is so incredibly dissimilar, regardless of the fact that men and women differ by only a single chromosome. According to the author, men’s minds are compartmentalized, like their sock drawers, whereas women’s minds are integrated, like transparent slides on an overhead projector.

This would explain why men are dogs right? They can sleep with any girl as long as she’s half-decent looking and completely detach themselves emotionally, supposedly whereas women prefer to be in a relationship with a person they really care about and can be emotionally comfortable around. Sex and emotions aren’t necessarily connected in a male mind, whereas women connect sex to love to marriage to family to financial stability etc.

WHATEVER! I guess now we know why girls are good at word association games right? Maybe a girl likes to be in love before she has sex…if she’s a VIRGIN! If everything in this book is true, then I know how boys destroyed a nation!

Lets assume the “compartmentalization” theory was accurate. Boys can think about one think at a time completely and not get distracted by other thoughts. They can open all of their drawers and only see their sock drawer, not their underwear drawer. Let’s examine what kind of effect this has had on the rest of the world, assuming its true.

Men have predominantly ruled the world (those scoundrels). In some countries, women still can’t drive cars! In America, there are arguably more men in government than there are women, and women haven’t had that great of an influence in it until about 50-60 years ago. Let’s look at our government: departments, bureaus, cabinets, agencies, divisions, so many levels of organization in government that it’s ultimately disorganized. It works good enough to keep it from falling apart. Sound COMPARTMENTALIZED?

In today’s government, the FBI can’t communicate with the CIA which can’t communicate with the Dept of Agriculture to keep confidentiality secure. Everything is like a drawer that can’t be opened unless a process is initiated to open it, and for two drawers to be opened at the same time in the same issue takes a freaking act of god! For instance, Tornados and Hurricanes are getting far more severe such as in the instance of Hurricane Katrina. First it was Fema’s fault, then it was the department that staffed fema, then it was the government’s fault for placing fema under the jurisdiction of a department that was under funded, then it was President Bush’s fault for focusing too much on foreign affairs and not enough on problems at home, then it was God’s fault for putting Bush in power which unleashed terrorism on our beloved country. It took FOREVER for it to finally get back to humanities fault for ensuing Global Warming on our planet and building a city smack on top of the wetlands. Finally, after about a year of deliberation and religious groups claiming global warming doesn’t exist, our government finally took steps to restore the wetlands by imposing its eminent domain laws on individuals who owned land throughout Georgia and Northern Florida; steps that were pushed by a Louisiana senator named Mary Landrieu (female).

How about if government were INTEGRATED? Wouldn’t it be nice to have every drawer open at the same time and be able to communicate with one another so that no possibility to a problem is ruled out? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a congress that can actually communicate with each other? Wouldn’t it be nice to have humanitarian causes matter over fiscal causes? Probably. That’s why we should all vote for Condi Rice in 2008!

I’m saying that if women really do have integrated minds that can see every aspect of every problem at the same time even if problems are not related, wouldn’t it then be good to have them run our country? Yeah but supposedly the way they think takes longer…as opposed to a years worth of deliberation to settle one problem at a time? Our schools would be better because our government would care about education, rape victims would get better care and treatment, we’d have more freedom because our government would be able to relate to us, and fiscal issues would take more of a backseat to humanitarian and essential needs because it’s a known fact that MEN DON’T HAVE FEELINGS.

But hey I’m only saying what the author thinks. Its not my opinion (lol).

The deal with brain chemistry, what is the deal? Supposedly women’s “lack of testosterone makes it so that they can not be fiercely competitive even if they tried.” Okay, that’s bull. Whoever conducted that study never saw a girlfight on a playground. Enough said. What about Testosterone?

This stuff is great! Doubles your athletic potential, gives you an instant sugar rush, makes you able to life twice your body weight and leap tall buildings in a single bound, not to mention the benefits to your cardiovascular health and bone density! They should market this stuff and make millions! Why haven’t they?

The stuff is unstable! Don’t believe me? How many female psychopaths have you heard of? How many have actually been documented? Supposedly women report problems to their doctors more than men, you’d think they’d catch a female serial killer every now and then. How about female heart attack victims? There are lots of them, but why are all the heart attack medicines marketed to men? Could it be that men’s supposed “higher VO2 max” makes them more vulnerable to cholesterol buildup. Basically, my mom and dad eat the same things, why does he have high cholesterol and she doesn’t? Why do men live eight years less than women? Why is it that the average woman can outswim a seasoned male athlete? Why do men go up quickly and crash suddenly?

Testosterone is not approved by the FDA for a reason!

When you have too much testosterone in things that matter most, like government, you get way too competitive and before you know it we’re focusing more on winning wars than curing cancer. Extremes do not make means. I say men are good for one thing…reproduction.

That is of course, only if “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” is correct after all.

Why exactly are women segregated anyway? They have different sports programs, different health care, different counseling methods, even different methods to make friends. There is a different protocol for dealing with girls, why?

There’s a new vitamin on the market specifically developed for the individual needs of different…get this…races! Supposedly African-Americans don’t absorb as much healthy sun rays, so therefore need more vitamin A in their diet, whereas Asians need more carotenes for their slightly less dominant eye-sight (always with the Asians and the eyes). Oh okay, so there’s lots of physical and biological differences between races after all! In that case, since studies show African-American men tend to have slightly lower body fat percentages and slightly denser muscle development than Caucasian men, and that Asian men tend to be shorter than Caucasian men, there should be separate sports programs for each race. Its not fair to make everyone have to work harder because of biological differences now is it?

Too bad. Men fight in the same division. Don’t wanna challenge up? So sad. So ultimately biological differences don’t matter and the American public doesn’t give a care about who supposedly has it harder. In that case, why don’t we make women challenge up? Biological differences don’t matter right, and there’ve been so many women that have proven their own against men that its not even funny, yet we still throw them all together into a weaker training program and say “oh it’ll never happen.” I swam with the boys team for one day and I swear I gained half an inch on my arms. Its societies acceptance that women are allowed to be weaker that makes them weaker, not “biology.” Sorry, testosterone only goes so far. If we would expect women to be stronger, they would be.

For those of you who want to be politically correct, let me explain the “strength difference” deal. Testosterone functions as a speedy agent that makes you gain a lot of muscle very quickly and rather efficiently. In the wild, male lions are bigger and stronger to fight off other big males and pass the best genes on to the next generation. However, this extra muscle makes them slower and less efficient than lionesses. More is not necessarily better. Researches can say all they want about different brain chemistry, but in humans, muscle is muscle, that is a direct quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book. However, in females, their muscle is more compact than it is in males, they have more muscle per square inch. Female’s have genes that make lower body muscles develop more efficiently than upper muscles, but they do not have “less upper body muscle.” Lack of testosterone makes it so that in the wild, when we’re running around and naturally being athletes, we don’t get as huge and bulky as males to sacrifice our speed and agility. Remember, we weren’t supposed to be living in houses with running water, in the beginning, we hunted our food. Basically, in today’s world, it’s really hard for a girl to get big, but once she does, she is as strong if not stronger than a guy the same size.

Why are the men’s and women’s short distance sprint records only different by 3/10 of a second? If that’s the case, the girl should be as big as the guy right? No? Why then is the worlds fastest female only about half the size of the worlds fastest male? Could it be that smaller women are faster, but why then is the fastest female (referencing Marion Jones types) considered tall for a girl? Nothing is adding up.

In old traditional times, the purpose of women is to make more men, on the contrary, the purpose of men is to make strong females.

Man, boys messed up everything didn’t they!

I really think men and women do understand each other, they just don't want to.

Proof is coming soon. I’m having trouble uploading a video onto blogger. In the meantime, sit tight.


Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

I've decided. I've decided that I am not going to take down a post because readers don't like it. I'm not going to take down a post because it sounds ridiculous, I'm not going to take down a post because its not a popular opinion, I'm not going to take down a post. Period.

People can have their own opinions about the issues I post here.

To summarize the opinion of this post- The Book Sucks!!!

9:34 AM  
Blogger Robachelli said...

Why did you take it down in the first place??? Your posts are like a snapshot in time . . .its how you're feeling at the moment you wrote it. It is what it is . . .its like trying to recreate a sunset . . .each one is unique to that second in time . . .to some people, a sunset is a life changing experience . . .to others . . .its just the death of the day. This is your Blog . . .YOUR two cents . . .

You can ramble about anything you wish, re-write the 10 Commandments . .. or even say E=MC^3 . . . the point is, this place is yours to wave your magic wand as you please.

I am just a guest here . . .so nock off the shananigans dammit!!! :o)

10:28 AM  
Blogger Robachelli said...

Where did everybody go??? I hope I don't smell :o)

5:43 AM  

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