Monday, March 05, 2007

Fucking Mother Fucker Fuck The Departed!

Oh My Fucking GOD!

You know when you went to see the movie Alexander and they had Alex full-on macking on another half naked guy and you couldn’t help but squirm? Or how about in the Ladykillers where everyone freaking DIES! Except in the Ladykillers they at least pull it off in style and you don’t really like the guys who die anyway.

The Departed is a movie about rats and cops. Long story short, a rat is in the police force and a spy is in the mob, and they’re both trying to find each other, only to all get shot in the end! On top of the rat and the mole, the head boss turns out to be an FBI informant who had more than one mole in the police force, who was friends with the rat, who went to the police academy with the mole, and they all fucking die in the last 5 minutes of the movie! Fuck! The rat—who was sleeping with moles girlfriend—catches the mole, and the FBI informant shoots the rat, and the mole shoots the informant, a random guy gets shot, and then finally the mole gets shot in his apartment by the x chief of police, who resigns.


DON’T see this movie!