Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Can't Spell Crap Without Spelling Rap

You know you’re a child of the 90’s when you can rap the entire song to Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. Boy do I miss the 90’s. The 70’s was funky, the 80’s was retro, but the 90’s…the 90’s was Crisp. Original. Back when P. Diddy was still Puff Daddy and “More Money, More Problems” was the song of choice. When NWA was alive with a message, and the Beastie Boys were the original white rappers. Before the word music was cut from “rap music,” rap really was that, music.

Now one really can’t spell crap without spelling rap. I mean, what is this shit I hear on the radio? I hear people going by names that aren’t even names, like “50 cent.” WTF!? Who the hell would call themselves “fifty-cents?” Is that how much it cost to make your album because IT SUCKS! The rap of today talks about nothing but sex sex sex, bitches bitches bitches, slap that hoe, kill that cop, get rich or die trying, killing prostitutes and going to jail is cool, not to mention not knowing how to speak English. Aw hell naw not nobody who speak that proper English is dope dawg. Word cuz!

I mean back when I was growing up, rap used to talk about problems that were happening in the real world. Rap was the artists’ way of yelling at the institution, or just talking about the good times. It was urban expressionism, talking about how it really was back in those days, or talking about how it could be. Rap really was poetry.

Now its not even called rap anymore, its called hip hop, or R&B, or Soul, or Thug, its like they dragged the name “rap” through the mud so much that now artists will do anything to keep from falling into the “rap” genre, they’ll do anything to not be labeled “that music that ruins young people’s minds.” What happened to the music that started revolutions? What happened to the message that sent Huey Newton through the White House without a business suit? Rap music was labeled disruptive because it got young people to rise up, get active, say no, start something, change something! Unfortunately, I think the true rap genre is dead.

Why would anyone listen to rap now? All rappers today talk about is doing drugs, killing innocent people, and degrading women. I’m a women, I’m more than a bitch or a hoe and no you can’t take me to the “candy shop.” I thought rap was supposed to have a message, like back when NWA was around, what’s your message? “Its hard out here for a pimp?” Sorry “cuh” you can sell your c“rap” to anyone who will buy it, but its not going to be me.


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