Friday, May 05, 2006

Other Women are Holding Me Down!

Ever notice how whenever the topic of women’s rights comes up, the first people to always shoot it down are women? During women’s sufferage, the main opponents of women voting were, guess what, women! In the case of this article, a writer states that mixed gender wrestling is morally wrong. I could accept the reader’s point of view because it made sense from their perspective and they have the right to their opinion, but only when I read that it was a woman who wrote the article did my mouth drop to the floor.

Mixed-sex Wrestling

Why do women hold each other down, and why are they the first ones to shoot each other down when it comes to their own rights, rights that would also benefit them? I’ve noticed that guys are very willing and actually eager to accept a woman as “one of the guys” provided she can walk the walk. The argument is that when a girl beats a guy at anything, he is humiliated. In my personally experience, I would go to wrestling and grappling gyms and tap out a whole line of guys, and afterwards they would stand in awe and say “wow! You are so cool!” In high school, my male teammates could care less that I changed in the same locker room as them, nor could my male coaches, and for that matter, not even the male vice principal. I made friends in my bra and panties, which sounds ridiculously sexual, but ironically wasn’t. It was only when the female principal found out that she put a stop to it and effectively alienated me from the rest of my team.

It just seems ironic that women’s greatest opponents would be other women. Why are other women so adamant about forfeiting their own rights and holding other women down in the process? Why are they the last to stand up for themselves and the first to sit back down? Why shoot themselves in the foot? Men are all in agreement about their rights, why is the female vote split down the middle? Half of them think they are equal, the other half think they aren’t human. What gives?

I have a theory, my theory is this. Most women who are voting responsibly are fairly educated and the women who run our country are some of the most intelligent humans on the planet. I think that a smart woman would want what is best for society before what is best for herself. In this way, women are thought responsible and applauded for putting her family, her country, her society before her own wants and needs and civil liberties. Supposedly this is honorable, to place yourself on the backburner, and to pursue ambitions for your own purposes is considered selfish and is stigmatized. I’ve noticed this slight taboo with girls in conservative families. Women are supposed to be humanitarian, so what is best for the big picture is always pushed first. Men are encouraged to think of the bigger picture too, but men don’t have a civil rights issue, except for maybe custody rights.

I think its women’s way of gaining respect, kinda like guys chug beer and abstain from sex for as long as they can, women forfeit their natural value. Its not that women don’t want equality, it’s that they prefer the respect they receive from not having it. It all kinda balances out, a quick-fix. Basically, women who agree with the chauvinistic male-dominated majority can hop into a conversation at a bar or go out with more men or advance their careers for supposedly being “smart.”

The problem is it holds them back. Society tells women that they’re okay if they are “disciplined enough to forfeit their natural rights,” what does this say about ones character? Nothing but good things.

When women put down other women, usually young, who are ambitious and want equality and freedom to move, they are doing three things: They are being reasonable by thinking about what is supposedly best for society (since female equality is going to lose the war, topple towers and kill the free world), they are helping other women find “their place” by educating them as to the way the world is and should be, and finally and probably most importantly they are defending themselves and ensuring that they keep receiving the respect they are receiving. How ironic that women say they don’t want anything and then fight for the respect that they want (??), it makes me wonder how far we could go if we just skip the first step and fight for what we want?

Lastly, is it at all possible that women could be jealous of other ambitious women? Prevailing attitudes of most people are “I had to go through it, so should you.” It’s amazing how many countries are destroyed solely by the gossip of old ladies. I’m not exactly sure if the female vote is split intentionally or it really is that women don’t want their rights.

Well one thing I know for sure, women who have rights don’t need to exercise them if they don’t want to, but one right the definitely don’t have is the right to hold other women down. It might not be hurting them, but its hurting someone else, and that’s not just wrong, it’s stupid.

Coming next week, A Female President. Good night Vietnam!


Blogger Babs said...

Ok... this was intesting.. I agree with you on one point. It is true, women like "being taken care of" but I think you are clumping that into one category. It's nice to have a man open my car door out of respect, not because I can't do it myself. I like when a man tries to defend me, not because I can't do it myself, but because I feel twice as strong when I have a friend in my corner.

When you start working, you will notice that yes it's true, women hold each other back professionally. That's because they are insecure about their own jobs. However, men are the exact same way to eachother if you're not their "go to guy". Men seem like they stick together, but it's only with the guys they like. Men also don't verbalize it when they fuck someone over - whereas women, need to discuss it (if we'd only keep our mouths shut).

As for women telling you about their own experiences in the world... it's not to hold you back, it's to give you some knowledge about an experience you have yet to go through. It's call not reinventing the wheel.

A mature person does not clump every single person with a penis/vagina together... if someone is screwing with you at work, they are a bad sead. If someone isn't giving you the raise you want it's probably because you didn't ask for it. Trust me it's usually that simple. The trick is to not take things too personal - which is hard for most women.

In 20 years, I'd love to sit down with you and hear about what you've learned in life... wait until you get fired from a job or get passed over for a promotion. Eventually you realize that life is about all the areas of your life, not only working or your family. As you get older you prioritize what's important and sometimes you discover what you really wanted in life has no interest to you now. You will go through many changes in life and you get to pick how you want to live it. By putting anyone down because they decide not to live a gender neutral existance is just as bad as the people you're talking about in your article.

Perhaps you are projecting what's in the mirror?

10:45 AM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

Well...stop it!!

10:26 PM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

No one has the right to take away someone elses rights out of convinience to themselves...period.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

Projecting what's in the mirror??? WTF??

10:35 PM  

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