Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mormons Contributed Millions to Hate Legislation

And here is the proof. I challenge anyone to tell me where in the bible, the Torah, the Koran, hell even the Necronomicon where it says God hates Gays. I don't care what some cleric two thousand years ago who got a bid to publish his views in the Bible said about gays, Clerics aren't God. Do you know how many people God has supposedly spoken to? Enough people to write several Scriptures in several versions on. I challenge anyone to tell me where God put his seal of approval and signature on the books that were published in his name as well, but the fact of the matter is that the Church has once again pushed their narrow world views on the American people illegally. The Church encouraged members to contribute to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign. That sounds like the church getting involved in politics to me, which should lose it its tax exemption status.

People are saying "the people have spoken." This is NOT a democracy, this is a Republic, we elect smart people to speak for the stupid people because the stupid masses will take away freedom in an instant. Pure Democracy is mob rule, the "will of the people" is Mafia law. Instead, in this country we have a concept called "majority rule, minority rights," which coupled with the concept of "Equal Rights" means that the majority can have whatever they want as long as it does not infringe upon the EQUAL RIGHTS of the minority. Prop 8 is a violation of the American way because the people have not spoken, the Mob has spoken, and the People got their rights taken away.

This is mixing a moral issue with a legal issue and it's just wasting everyone's time. I hereby publicly condemn the Mormon Church and everyone else should as well.


Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

Hey, I've seen you around and I thank you for coming by. My blogrolling is not working, but I am going to start following your blog as you are about something and most bloggers are not.

Me, I see the Bible as much differently than other believers--half of it is not accurate because of translation, much was left out which tells me more of what the Bible is really about.

The fundamentalists understand homosexuality to be evil based on a verse in Leviticus, plus another in Paul's epistles--either Galations or Ephesians--pretty sure it's the first. However if one reads these verses closely, one sees that it is about perversion, not homosexuality. To some that is the same, but that is not the correct reading. In Leviticus, the Hebrews were fighting against various pagan tribes--one tactic used was to rape prisoners of war--men. God wanted the Hebrews to be separate to pagans in every way as they represented monotheism, so raping prisoners is not seen as good monotheistic practice. In Genesis, Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed because of immorality--a broad term. The angels were almost raped by men--no one can condone that, but Lot offered his daughters to compensate; why is that okay? It isn't--even Lot who did serve the One God was fucked in the head and his wife turned back because she too liked the old life. And Lot's daughers got him drunk and slept with him. If that is morality, then give me some badass evil. So the destruction wasn't based on behavior per se, but perspective and attitude. Most fundamentalists cannot see the subtlty so they focus on deeds, which is exactly what Jesus does NOT want Christians to do. Jesus talked about what went into the body; he saw that as the source of behavior.

As for Paul, I try to avoid him as I think the Catholic church used his epistles among other writings which were clearly better because he offered a centralized vision of one Church. He writes some good things, but his disgust for homosexuals is evident, as is his dislike of women, sex, marriage, anyone who disagrees with him--yes, he worked hard and sacrificed much for Jesus, but he still had issues as do we all. Just most of us don't write a Bible to justify our sexual hangups.

Jesus never mentioned homosexuality so it clearly didn't matter to him. That is good enough for me.

In fighting the religious homophobes, you are fighting American Puritans, who see sex as bad, yet had huge families and oddly enough, very high suicide rates. I doubt Jesus had sex, but he didn't find it abhorrent or he wouldn't have kept company with prostitutes as companions, not women to sleep with. You are dealing with a Christian demographic that hates their own bodies. They need the Bible so that life makes sense. Life doesn't make sense and once I realized that, I knew that all sacred texts were guides to truth, not the truth itself. For me, LOTR and The Iliad are sacred, but God is realized in the sacrifices the characters make, not a bunch of verses taken out of context.

Keep the fight. God is fine with gay marriage--I am sure of it--what's wrong with two people who love each other and want to dedicate their lives to each other through good and bad. I've been married for 18 years--yes, I'm hetero and let me tell you, marriage is tough, but most of my friends who are straight are divorced. No hetero is in any position to judge marriage, particularly those who can't get it right and many are big Bible thumpers.

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Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

Thank you so much for your supportive comment, you've educated me as well as anyone else who reads my blogs. I'm straight as well, but I can't find the hate in me to say that I'm better than someone so I should have more rights than them. It hurts me deeply to think that there are those in my country and in my state that can (Yes, I'm from Cali). During the Impact Rally in LA, everyone shut up for a moment of silence in respect and during that moment, some Yes counter protesters has the AUDACITY to yell "JESUS HATES FAGS, GAY SEX IS A SIN, JESUS IS ASHAMED OF YOU!!" then finally one guy in our crowd got angry and shouted back, "JESUS THINKS YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!" Thanks to whoever that was. The only argument Yes folk can come up with for taking people's rights away is because "they feel like it."

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Blogger C-dell said...

Great post. I agree with you mostly on the first couple of sentences. people need to put aside hate and look with clear eyes

9:58 AM  

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