Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama's a Muslim and Hilary's a Bitch

DAYTON, Ohio - Republican John McCain introduced first-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate Friday, a stunning selection of a little-known conservative newcomer who relishes fighting the establishment.

The point of having a woman in the oval office is for her to be a bitch. Seriously, bitches know how to throw their weight around, are tough on policies and get things done. Hilary Clinton was a bitch, which means she was strong, steadfast, and if her amazing comebacks against Obama didn’t convince the world that she was cut out to be President, nothing will.

I haven’t been keeping up with this race like I should be, usually I’m all over it. But I can’t really stay silent much longer and I really just have to say what I’m thinking.

Firstly, the only reason Obama beat Hilary NARROWLY was because of the “youth vote.” In other words, 18 year olds put him in power! I’m 21, I was only just 18, and let me tell you, 18 year olds don’t know JACK about ANYTHING! Most of them are still living with their parents or going to college, they don’t pay taxes to the same degree that the rest of society does, social security is a foreign language, and they’re running around chanting “World Peace” just because their friends are, either that or they don’t understand the issues. They’re kids, kids are stupid. I’m a kid so I know.

So here comes Obama saying we’ll be out of Iraq by 2011, why the hell would we want that? More people are going to die when we leave, but at least they won’t be our people right? Who cares about Iraqi people, they don’t matter to liberals. “War” is a dirty word for kids, what are they going to say when we start sending troops into Darfur as part of the UN? That’s a war that is literally none of our business, in a country that has nothing against the US, and here are the liberals going “Save the Children.” Morons!

Not that I’m not for going into Darfur, it’s just that we’re going to get shot at a lot more over there than we are in Iraq, a country that DID infact have ties to Al Qaida and shipped all their Weapons of Mass Destruction to Syria (did anyone ever think of that one, NO!). And now here we come electing a Presidential candidate named BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

What the heck? I’m not being racist but seriously a country that won’t let Muslims board airplanes anymore is electing him? He DID go to school in a Madresa and yes we can cite his record all the way back to when he was 8 because a lot of morals I learned when I was 9 and 10 shaped who I am as a person today. I’m not saying he’s consorting with foreign terrorists whom he probably has no way of contacting even if he wanted to, I’m just saying that him being indeed a MUSLIM will put him in a vulnerable position to be taken advantage of, which would undermine all of our safety. But National Security isn’t an issue for liberals, World Peace is. We don’t even know where Obama’s father is and yet here we are touting his praise.

The people wanted Hilary, the Super Delegates wanted Obama, so guess who we got! What does that say about politics in this country? The same thing happened with Al Gore, does the government think We the People are stupid or incapable of choosing for ourselves? In some issues, maybe since the majority of the population is composed of high school dropouts, but the other half is highly educated, this feels unfair.

So now instead of picking Hilary as a running mate which would have sealed his Presidential Victory, he picks this guy Biden for his “foreign policy” stance not to appeal to Hilary supporters, but to kiss ass to conservatives!

This race is crazy. McCain comes out of left field selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate! I found out this morning and I near fell over. Who the hell is she? I mean I know she’s a woman and all which no one was expecting from the chauvinist Republicans, but she’s a senator from Alaska, from a town with a population of 6500 whose biggest concern is if there will be enough snow for the Iditarod Dog Sled Race. Hilary was a “Progressive,” but this girl is appealing to hockey-moms and Evangelicals! Are we trying to go backwards? At least Obama is touting change.

And what kind of “Change” are We the People really looking for? This past decade has been a rocky one, with a lot of racial and classist issues being thrown around. Right from the get-go in 2001, a war broke out that had us targeting Muslims, so Muslims were oppressed. Then we got into a war with no front lines where women were killing and dying in combat, which they STILL aren’t technically allowed to do thanks to Evangelical voters, so a big public outcry gave Senator Duncan Hunter the steam he needed to pass legislation pulling women off the battlefield. Women were targeted. Then Hurrican Katrina hit New Orleans, and aid workers couldn’t stay there too long because the city was completely taken over by the most vicious gangs in the Nation. New Orleans being overwhelmingly black-majority, people saw all the violence. Black people were targeted. No one has ever cared about Mormons and I still don’t care about Mormons, so when Mit Romney comes along, who do you think they’re going to vote for?

Everyone has been stepped on in this past decade. Absolutely everyone has felt repressed in this past 10 years in some way, shape, or form. No one should ever vote for someone because they are black, or just because they are a woman or a Muslim, but with the memories of ridicule and oppression sill fresh in our minds, it’s really hard not to. I think the idea is that someone who looks like them or was raised like them and has been where they have been will know what it is like for them and help make it easier. But in actuality, anyone, regardless of their race or gender, who sits in the Oval Office should be making it easier for EVERYONE in the country, no one demographic should be priority over another (that’s the definition of equality). But the American people also need to step up and work their hardest and give it everything they have, that’s the definition of Capitalism.

So this race is going to be a reflection of all We the People have been through in the past 10 years. Nothing is wrong with citing race or gender this time because we’ve all been stepped on. But what is wrong is citing ONLY race and gender. If that is how we are going to be doing it this election, then this is how I’m going to be doing it…

The only black man I am ever going to vote in for President is Colin Powell, and the woman I want to see as John McCain’s VP or as President herself is Condoleeza Rice. I refuse and I want We the People to refuse to pick the lesser of two evils YET AGAIN like we did between Al Gore and George W. Bush. As a first time voter, I’m going to exercise MY right to vote for whoever I want to like my forefathers fought and died for me to be able to.

I’m going to write Hilary in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama's a Muslim? Are you on crack? There were WMDs in Iraq? Iraq and Alqueda are related? Do you even read anything that is not spoon feed to you by Fox News and the Bush Administration? Gosh, girl you have a lot to learn!

1:10 AM  

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