Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kanye’s Mom’s Gone to Heaven (and now we’ll have to put up with his whining)

Nooo! Not Momma West! First Anna Nicole and now Kanye’s mom? All Hollywood’s momma’s are leaving us! Whose next, Britney Spears??

Rapper Kanye West’s mom died on November 11th due to get this…complications from Liposuction. Well at least it wasn’t a Stingray through the chest like some famous parents decide to go out on.

Now here’s my prediction for the future of Kanye West, and how his mammie is going to come back as the Angel of album sales…

Kanye is going to go off into seclusion for like a year. Not going to be seen at parties, avoid the public, maybe even leave the country. Then he’s going to emerge as a “whole new Kanye” and go public about his experience with losing his mom. How he was battling inner demons, very depressed and talk about contemplating ending his life. Then he’s going to peddle it into a book and generate absolute fandom and use the craziness to announce the release date for a new album. Then he’s going to just bust out and completely blow everyone away and it’s going to go like quintuple platinum and he’s going to thank his mom on stage.

Dang. If only I were that smart. (???) The downside is that now we’re going to have to sit through all of his lyrics preaching about how we should hug our loved one’s more and be better people.


Anonymous Cupcaker said...

While I can see how sad this is for him and anyone else that loses his mom, I think your piece is AWESOME

1:45 PM  
Blogger C-dell said...

Don't you think that this is a bit cruel. The man's mother died. I am a huge Kanye fan i like his music, it is better that most of the craptastic rap music that is out there. His last album graduation is a classic. I am sorry his mother died, but they say that the best music is forged from pain. Whatever gets him through it is okay with me .

9:42 AM  
Blogger C-dell said...

I was right Kanye has been on beast mode lately first on lollipop remix then I put on. forged from pain

8:26 PM  

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