Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You Can't Rename the KIMURA!!!!!!

Oh wow! This is like the ultimate sin in the world of grappling. Shoshin Ryu Jiu Jitsu, a branch of Japanese Danzan Ryu Jujitsu which is made up of a bunch of wannabe-Bruce Lee's, is changing the name of the famous Kimura Shoulder Lock that Kimura tapped out Helio Gracie with, to “UDE GARAMI” which they argue is the original Japanese name for a technique that is similar to the Kimura Shoulder Lock in their art.

Kimura was a Judo fighter back when Helio Gracie was going around fighting all the other Martial Arts to prove that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was the best style. Gracie had almost 400 fights with no losses, and then he fought Kimura who ripped Helio’s shoulder out! That lock became known as THE Kimura. To this day, the Kimura has been used in high level competitions such as the Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling Championships, The Jiu Jitsu Mundials, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

But a few CJJ (Classic Jiu Jitsu) places want to pretend they’re Samurai’s and hence you have a bunch of pasty white guys trying to speak Japanese and reminding me of all the Animae nerds in high school who used to speak Japanenglish so they could be like their hero, Inuyasha (Cartoon Network Adult Swim, don’t ask how I know that), going around saying “Mahalo” to each other even though its Hawaiian. What’s next? A secret handshake?

What I don’t understand is what is so blasphemous about taking a Japanese art and teaching it in English as long as it’s in an English-speaking country? This is why bilingual education in America doesn’t work, it only delays the learning process because the students CAN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND YOU! It's not like the brazilians keep their Potruguese names for their arts. I’ve seen cool things at wrestling matches like a guy being coached in Spanish so that his opponent won’t understand, but Japanese is not my second language.

In fact, at high level grappling gyms, a lot of the instructors don’t even name the moves! They show you it, show it on you, tap you out with it a couple times, then say “okay go tap someone with it.”

I can understand honoring the old masters by keeping to the traditions, that is why many Muay Thai fighters go to Hindu Shrines regardless of their religion before their fights. Many Judo Schools, even renown one who send fighters to the Pan American Games, bow to a picture of Kano before workouts. But you know what else, Kano and Master Okazaki also passed like literally a hundred years ago. I seriously doubt they would come back from their eternal naps and make you do pushups for dishonoring their art by deviating from their ways a little. Oh the wrath of the Ancestors be upon us for trying to be just a little bit modern!

I’m not saying it’s completely wrong to name techniques in their language of origin. We have techniques like “DROP SEOI NAGE” and “OMA PLATA.” But if everyone was calling the “OMA PLATA” a “SITTING UP SHOULDER LOCK,” we’d be best advised to call it that too so that we’d be learning the same art that all the other grapplers are learning so that we know what they’re doing when their coach yells it to them from the sideline. You’re either a Grappling art, an MMA art, or a Stunt Double’s art…or you’re a Mcdojo. If all the Grappling, MMA, and Stunt Double’s arts are calling it the “KIMURA,” we should call it the Kimura too so that we’re not labeled a Mcdojo by all the young grapplers that are starting to come in and roll with us. What kind of a future does a martial arts gym hold that is not changing with the times? Didn't the UFC teach us that unless you evolve, you lose?

But apparently if you don’t care what other people think about you, you can technically take every existing move, and invent your own funny names for them and still tap people out. I mean so far me and my friends have invented a ton of crazy moves that may or may not work outside of our own grappling circles or the UFC videogames, I guess Eddie Bravo made his name doing the exact same crazy stuff we're doing. Personally though I would at least have a little more self-respect than to name one of my moves the "Papper Castle," but then again if you tap some guy out with it, you can make fun of him by saying that he got tapped with "Insert Lame Name Here."

Okay fine, point made, other people’s opinions aren’t so important. Call the move whatever you want, but if you’re changing the name of the Kimura I’m changing the name of the Rear-Naked Choke to "Mata Leon" like Renzo Gracie calls it!

Update: OH GOD THIS IS NOT FAIR. Google sucks, in fact that is my next blog. Blame Google.

"Kimura" "The Kimura" "Kimura Shoulder Lock" "Kimura BJJ"

................................... "Ude Garami"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your full of SHIT!

Did you ride the short bus to school?

Did your classes in school only have 12 students?

Where you in the same class all day long except P.E.?

Where you one of those guys who thinks you are an athlete because you played high school sports?

Was lettering in high school more important then good grades?

Your obviously a homosexual because a real man would never insult a whole way of life like you've just done.

You should become a scientologist, they also believe they can force there opinions on others without regard to real information.

Do you live your life in a hypnotic and delusional state?

The original form of Ju Jitsu, from Japan, had a name for the arts they taught. To rename them is an insult to the original art, just like you are saying to rename the "kimura" is an insult. BJJ didn't invent JJ. They just stole it. As a student of "CJJ" I have found every art in BJJ in ancient JJ.

Before you start to bag on CJJ. Just remember, Kimura beat BJJ hands down.

The first thing I would ask is if you have ever even taken CJJ. And if you have you probably never even made brown belt. I would also ask if you have ever spent a significant portion of your time in BJJ or are you just one of those people who bounces from school to school never really sticking it out. The instructor there probably lets you, and all the other little boys, win because they want your money. You probably have all these stories about beating all these people and you don't have a clue they let you win. You obviously don't have any real knowledge. If you ever do visit a CJJ school you will probably be kicked out as soon as your instructor reads your real uninformed opinion. In a real JJ school guys like you are a dime a dozen. You are obviously a pasty white guy. I wonder what you try to be.

There are a lot of "Danzan" black belts up here in the bay area. They are neither pasty white guys who are trying to be samurai or teachers at a Mcdojo. They however are serious and knowledgable about their art. They do not claim to be able to "kick ass" however in their quiet and competent way they project a confidence you will never attain.

They say any moron can have a blog. You are living proof.

Don't bother responding. I will never visit your site again.

6:22 PM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

Your stupid dude I AM a Danzan Ryu student and my sensei's thought this article was funny.

Are YOU a DZR student? Or are YOU just some Dragon Ball Z fan who likes to go from school to school trying to be a Ninja? I can recommend you a Ninjitsu school down by where I used to work, but if YOU'RE a real man, you would come down to my school and prove that "taijutsu-chan" is greater than thou. I can make fun of MY art all I want, but YOU can't. O.o

BJJ didn't steal crap, JJ lost it. That's why all the CJJ guys got the CRAP kicked out of them in the old UFC's. Don't believe me? Just watch how Steve Jennum does an armbar.

As for Responding, It's my blog genius! I can say whatever the heck I want! And yeah you'll probably post back because you can't stand how much I'm dissing you're "way of the warrior" ethos. LOL, Once Upon A Time In China was an AMAZING movie!

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the first guy was right. If your sensei's thought you insulting their art on the net, where millions of people, including their next students, have access to it, then I would like their emails so they can tell me themselves how amusing they found it.

I'm sure having one of there students calling their dojo a mcdojo will bring in a lot of people.

I'm sure having one of their students insulting them on the internet by calling them pasty white guys who are wanna be samurai is causing them to roll around on the floor laughing.

Just post what school you go to and I will have a talk with them.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

Okay, let me clarify something that everyone seems to be missing.

This is MY SITE. This is MY corner of the net. I can say WHATEVER I WANT and I DON'T CARE who I offend or who I make cry. I'm not sorry for hurting your feelings, go cry to your mom, don't cry to me. Oh, poor baby. Boo Hoo, Cry me a river.

Judo is legit, Wrestling is legit, Muay Thai is legit, Sambo is legit, Grappling is legit...Tai Chi is not legit, karate is not legit, taekwondo is not legit, ninjitsu and its predecesor jujitsu are so far passed legit that its not even worth discussing. How do I know this, umm, THE UFC!

Now, just to be fair, I've seen a TKD black belt go in a cage fight and absolutely mop up and leave blood, but this guy was an athlete who benched like a gorilla. In jujitsu, everyone's too worried about getting hurt and actually thinks their "Front of Mountain Shadow" is going to save them.

Next time anyone goes to an Ohana Gathering, please tell me how I am wrong by saying that belt ranks are useless because the higher in rank you go, the bigger the stomachs get.


1:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

me and my friends were talkin. we been takin BJJ for 2 yrs now. we think your right. we found alot of shoshn ryu on there web site. we are going to go to all there class in socal and challenge the head guys cuz they aint real jujitsu like BJJ. we gonna kick there ass. it time school boys got there asses kicked. they just week anyway about time we showed em how week. my instrutor told us we could take any stand-up school. Your cool cuz you gave us the names of the pussys.


1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well I think they should call it SAKURABA because he submitted 2 gracies (Rolyer and Renzo)with Ude Garami or for the uneducated(Kimura)and almost got Royce Gracie in it too. The idea is just silly.

I have been in Judo and JuJitsu for many years. The Judo federation should sue the Gracies JuJitsu for trademark infringement. The Gracies didn't event anything they took what was already there and slapped there name on it just like Bill Gates and Mircosoft. The type of JuJitsu the Gracies procliam as there own is Katame Waza or (groundwork) which was around during feudal Japan. The Gracies learned Katame Waza from Count Koma. Every technique they have has already been documented in Katame Waza. So as far as them inviting anything, that's called marketing or spinning.

Helio Gracie fought Kimura in 1951 and what they dont tell you in the Gracie book is that Kimura during the fight, threw Gracie repeatedly with Ippon Seoinage, Osoto-gari, and Haraigoshi. He also included painful suffocating grappling techniques such as shiho gatame, Kesagatame, Sankaku gatame then submitted him with UDE GARAMI. The master of Gracie Jujitsu was no match for the greatest Judo Legend. Even then it showed weakness in the socalled Gracie system. Here is the secret "The throw sets up the submission", plan an simply. Something they missed? Kimura was so dominating the gracie wanted to honor is his name by calling (UDE GARAMI)arm bar to (Kimura). WHAT? I think to honor Kimura you should call Gracie Jujitsu its really name KATAME WAZA JUJITSU.

So why should I learn a system that got its ass kicked? I learn from the winner JUDO/JuJitsu. OH Danzan Ryu and Shoshin Ryu JuJitsu each system I have seen Danzan Ryu it is more a traditionalist style of JuJitsu and Shoshin Ryu is more innovative and progressive. Each style is what was taught pre-Judo days. Remember Judo is a sport JuJitsu there is no playing around the end comes quick.

3:01 PM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

Okay fine you stay and learn sashi ashi and all your tekubi tori ichi's and thrid-finger holds.

Me, I'll learn from the guys who won in Pride and the UFC. And anyone who tries to say Sakuraba is DZR is just plain retarded (Sak is actually sub wrestling).

I respect Judo, BJJ DID come from judo. I never said it didn't, quit putting words into my mouth. Jujitsu however IS NOT Judo. Judo guys are athletes, Jujitsu guys are guys who are either too old to do judo or not good enough to do judo. I mean all jujitsu classes do for an hour is drill hand techniques and don't even go live.

You find me a judo school that actually teaches the ground game and I'll join it, Judo philosophy is throw and pin. Don't equate judo to jujitsu, two seperate things.

How the HECK is traditional jujitsu more inovative and progressive than Gracie Jiujitsu? Did you not see UFC 1-4? Are you living in a cave or something? I've seen a CJJ guy go in the old UFC's and it wasn't pretty. So here's my deal, when I see Danzan Ryu's "Front of Mountain Shadow" pulled off in Pride, I'll delete this post and praise Prof O.

JUDO can call its techniques whatever the heck they want in chinese, korean, japanese I don't care because YES JUDO GUYS CAN HANG. Jujitsu guys (by that I mean people who have only done jujitsu and aren't like black belts in judo who have xtrained into jujitsu) can't hang, therefore as far as I'm concerned, they can't do crap. You want to take all your names back from Gracie Jiujitsu? Okay you have your best DZR fighter challenge Rickson and tell him you want him to submit to DZR traditions since his style supposedly came from yours, you tell me how the fight goes.

P.S. Kimura outweighed Helio by about 70lbs, and Helio STILL stood his ground. Royce beat a Sumo Wrestler. Don't even get started on how many of your "progressive" martial artist that Rickson has absolutely anihalated! You think you're art is better than Rickson Gracie? Okay you stay and learn your traditional arts, I'll follow Rickson's lead. Rickson doesn't call it "UDE GARAMI," and he can kick your ass.

P.P.S. All of the Gracie's that have been losing have been losing to much bigger fighters. The only gracie I've ever seen get tapped by someone his own size was Royler vs. Eddie Bravo, and oh Eddie was Machado BJJ!

I'm out of breath. Peace.

12:45 AM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

Let me add something I realize I should have put in.

A lot of the DZR and karate and Ninjutsu and Dragon Ball Z enthusiast guys are often times really nice people. They don't have the edge of athletes so they're often very friendly. I'm not bashing their personalities...just everything else. Heh.

12:52 AM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

To taz:

Already been done before, that's why SRY guys don't like grapplers.

12:55 AM  
Blogger C-dell said...

That is one area I can't comment on, but about the foiled UK plot. The British foiled that plot with good old fashion police work, not with wire taps.

1:06 AM  
Blogger Tanie said...

Ah ha, the Brits DO have their uses, we aren't always waiting for the Cavalry.........

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will pray fr your lost and consevative soul...

To see one so young, so lost...

6:18 AM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

Amen you old fart (lol jk)

2:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing how simply stupid and ignorant you are Nikki. Maybe you should wait until you hit puberty to post again on this blog. You keep mentioning Yawara techniques, as if they are actual techniques and not principles. I have never been to a DZR dojo that doesn't roll. Mine rolls. In fact, half the class is randori.

Also, you keep talking about UFC as if that's the standard for fighting. It's obvious to me that you have never been in a real fight, maybe only ring (controlled) fights. Come hang out at the bar with me and my friends and take one of them to the ground so I can stomp your dumbass face in with my foot.

Also, you keep eqauting a style to the, probably few, people you have seen practice the style. No one in my DZR school has a "belly". My Sensei is not fat and has been in many rolling, gi and no-gi, competitions which he has won, and many which he has lost.

Your ignorance does not surprise me, it seems to be a trend with all the "cool kids" that BJJ is the shiznit, LOL!! What a joke.

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BJJ is crap; ain't nothin can be done about that! Always has been and always will be. It actually makes WWE, ECW, TNA wrestling believeable! You know, the US government actually must want its brave soldiers to lose because it is teaching this crap to Army Rangers. The soldiers from WWII could kick the ass of BJJ fighters in hand to hand combat. Gracie is wonderful at making money off of his crap (power to him for it) but in actual combat or better yet, let him try that crap in Harlem or in San Quentin and see if he doesn't get his ass kicked from one end of the cosmos to the other. I cannot believe that people fall for his con job and pay money for it. Hell even the US government fell for it???? They would have been better off talking with the Mafia.

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know if you're still bitter about the Kimura name change, but you should read "My Judo," by Masahiko Kimura. Even Kimura himself called the move "udegarimi" when describing his bout with Helio. Just happened upon your site and thought you should know.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

To the guy three comments up, give me the name of the bar and I'll meet you there. And when you try to stomp my face you're going to find your entire knee turned backwards on itself. Who is your sensei? Because if he's not fat in DZR then he's not popular because fatness equates to popularity at the Ohana and DZR gatherings and I know, I've been, I've seen, and frankly I'm not impressed.

Like I said before, once I see DZR in a fight, ANY fight, I'll be convinced, until then it's just another classic McDojo art at a YMCA. Go watch the karate kid some more or get back to the gym and go roll.

2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so amused right now. I love personal rants over things that don't matter. If you want to call it by its Japanese name then do so. Jiu jitsu did orginate in Japan after all. If you want to call it a Kimura then do! And just remember, martial arts isnt just about being able to fight, its an art form as well and it should deal with respect of your fellow martial artists. So respect the different martial arts out there. Speaking Japanese or Portuguese or whatever language just shows a respect for the country the art came from.

This was fun. Arguing on the internet is so stupid its amusing. Thanks for the entertainment.

10:57 AM  
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